Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Awesome Layout!

When I saw this layout in the gallery I had to contact her and see if I could get a copy. She not only sent me a copy of her layout, but a copy of all of the photos they took on their honeymoon as well so I could do my own layouts also!! Isn't this an awesome photo?? I will have to get busy and see if I can't do some layouts of this great sea turtle her dear husband so wonderfully got photos of. This was in open water and he used (I think she said) an underwater camera. So we can give all the credit for the wonderful pictures used in her (elenasworld) layout and the ones to follow to M. Franklin. She said she was too scared to actually get to close but her husband was very brave and got close to get some great ones. They were taken in Maui in October of 2002. Considering this is Turtles Rainbow... I think we need to continue to have photos of different turtles!!

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