Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A bright corner of happy memories

I think one of the things I love about the holiday season besides the wonderful feeling of love in the air is the lights and the tree. Every year I think, ohhh what a job to put it up, move this and that, some of our stuff goes into the "cave" (cellar room that comes with our apt.), our love seat goes and visits a neighbor for the holidays, unpacking all those fragile things, arranging the lights... but I do it, with hubby's help on untangling the lights. After we are always both so glad we took the time to bother. The little hand- made angel at the top looking down at all of the other angels, items and us. Each year my wonderful husband says, this is the best looking tree yet! Laughing I say "thank you sweetie, but you say that every year!" He laughs and says but it is!! It rests in that same corner every year, for about 1 month from start to finish. At night we turn on the lights, and watch it twinkle, and say aren't those lights pretty?! When there are strong winds I watch the items gently sway on the tree. (We live in a very tall building and have lots of wind here!!) Each ornament was either hand picked when we were some place special, hand made by myself, my daughter or my grand daughter. Some were bought at craft fairs here in France, but were also hand made. We will look and say, oh remember when we were there? Remember this trip? This fair? The tree of blinking lights, bits of cloth, plastic, metal and glass becomes a corner full of memories shared and a months worth of days and evenings worth of enjoyment.

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