Sunday, January 21, 2007


I thought I would share with you an older photo of the men on my moms side of the family... older ones that is! The one on the left, that was my great grandpa Guy. Next to him was his son Paul, my grandfather and surrogate father for most of my growing up years. The little guy on the shoulder is my uncle Elwyn. He just passed away this last year, the last of the 4 to go. The shoulder he is on is great uncle John. He was guys brother. Obviously he was in the service at that time. This was early 1900's. Love those boots and pants, all tucked in neatly. Life was hard then. I am not sure they were aware of it as we are now looking back. You know, no modern machines to make life easier... maybe not easier but more of a family connection. Families stayed closer to each other, saw each other, family and friends helped each other out more. We used to have Sunday family dinners every week. It was a more restful day. The stores were all closed of course. As soon as we were home from sunday school and church we would all change our clothes and relax. I remember smelling the smells of dinner cooking, watching my grandfather set in "his" chair and read the sunday paper. I was allowed the funnies after he was done with them. Trying to keep my little brother from annoying me as was his habit of doing. (smiling) He still tries to do that as well! I would quite often go with my grandfather to his mom's and stepfathers house (one set of my great grandparents) to make sure they were all ok, see if they wanted to come for dinner. Usually they were just getting ready to set down to their sunday meal as well, that grandma had cooked, on the wood stove. Grandma did finally get an electric stove, but only used it for canning on hot days in the fall. Couldn't trust it as well as her wood one she used to say. (Laughing) Bet we would not say that today! Well, I have rambled off the initial subject of the photo it seems. Now I am in France, and what is left of my close family is in Michigan. Cousins are spread out all over the USA. Things may be easier now, but I am not sure all is for the better.

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Hummie said...

I love that paper and elements on your page. This is a wonderful heritage layout. and now tht you wrote all that journaling, you'll have to get that on an accompanying page!