Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The igloo and skating rink...

I did manage to get the photo just as they were turning the first set of lights on, shining on the igloo itself. Apparently that is where the skaters could go and change into skates, rent skates, warm up or have a comfortable place to wait for those who are out skating. At the bottom of the photo you can see the reflection off the wet ice where the skaters actually skate. Before we disappeared down into the metro I saw people out on the rink, starting to skate. Who cares if it is after midnight. It was now the early morning hours of New Years Eve; let the party continue!


zryne said...

This is beautiful.. love those blues at night..!!!!! Awesome photo.. and I love traveling with you.. I get to see so many different sites.. and so inexpensive.. LOL

Cinna said...

Hi Patti!
I think it´s great that you also have a blog!

I´m soo envious of you living in Paris with all those great places to visit...I totally LOVE your photos!
Hugs Cinna