Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new day dawning

I set here watching the sun rise and planes descend and rise from Charles de Gaulle airport. Oh, I can't see the airport, only the planes in the sky leaving their white trails behind them as they rise and descend. I can tell a lot about the weather outside from my vantage point at my computer. I see two or three smoke stacks with their smoke going gently off to the left, hmmmm there is a breeze. Sun is shining but I can feel the cold radiating from the window. A nice morning at least! No rain today I believe, the sky was not red when the sun came up. The sky is a clear blue except for the planes. A beautiful day to get out and visit our marché downstairs. This is a view of it taken this fall from my neighbors apartment. Her side overlooks the "Place" at Place des Fetes where we live. You can tell it was October, the trees are just starting to make a bit of change and there are lots of them. You can only see a part of our marché it wraps all around the parc at the Place near the top of the photo, and it also continues past the bottom of the photo and around the front and off to the side of our building. It is a big one and it is here 3 times a week. Shopping out your door. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and poultry, cheese, clothing, shoes, household items. Not much they don't sell actually. I used to go for all 3 days, not I go only when I actually need something, as I get tired of trying to get through and around the masses of people there talking and shopping, pulling their little carts, pushing babies, with their dogs on leashes, all walking at a different pace. Of course in the middle of all of this is the metro station at both sides of the parc, and the parc itself. (Laughing) If you think I am misspelling words, you are probably seeing them spelled the french way. I tend to mix things that way now after 8 years. In my speech also. Frangleigh we who live here call it. But, today we do need to get to the marché! Off I go!


Hummie said...

Wow, you are a city girl! Totally different few than out my window!

LauraL said...

I am envious of your view and the marche. Can't wait to get back and visit again.