Saturday, January 13, 2007


The last 2 days have been a bit trying. End of the week, 2 crops, and having to come face to face with unforgiving and quite nasty people. It seems that as soon as Christmas is over, people become nasty. Why is that? The thought that they have to be good to get a present from Santa is still in the back of their mind somewhere? Tempers are short all around. I see it on sites, I see it in the metro, on the bus, in the stores. Not sure why... no money left from too much spending for the holidays? Having to go back to work? Winter setting in? Not enough sun light? Lingering sickness? Many have been sick all over the world. I hear the same stories from people in different countries, all sick with the same virus.

I have an interest in digital scrapbooking and am involved with different sites. I became involved for several reasons. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, being creative and it not involving spending lots of money. I have met so many wonderful people, who give and give without asking for something back. Kind people, with problems, people who need an ear to listen. They need to know there are those out there who care. Oh yes, there are also those who demand respect, obedience and would drain you dry if they had the chance. I was reminded these last 2 days that I need not let my focus stay on the last type of person. It needs to on my God, on my faith, and for me to continue to do what I know is right. Listen if someone needs to talk, give moral support, let my scrapbooking also be a way of sharing my faith. If people cannot accept the truth of situations, I will know I tried and their blindness is not on my shoulders.

I added a new link in the blog section. Hummie's blog called Life Analyzed. If you have a minute check it out. I just finished listening to the song "as the deer" that brought back so many memories of singing in the choir, my faith and my need to focus. She is another who is looking at her focus, her needs. I think this time of year, with New Year's Eve resolutions all around us it also forces us to look at what we want. A new year, a hope renewed that this will be a good year, without sickness, poverty, death of a loved one. A year where people will listen if I need an ear, will give me moral support and lift me up when I am down. If we can do that for each other it will indeed be a good year. A good way for the refocusing to begin.

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Hummie said...

Ahh...someone blogged about me! How sweet. I hope that you are able to refocus and get going again!