Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Thread in a Weaving

If this photo looks a bit "snowy" to you, it is because it was actually snowing quite hard when I took the picture this morning. This is looking out our living room window, across the street to the nursery school (on the left) and junior high where you can see the lights on, more on the right. This was around 9:30 a.m. this morning. Michel was disappointed because it stopped and all melted. He was hoping to get what the rest of Europe has been getting. No such luck. I was happy it did not stay though.
We were supposed to loose our power this morning, so I turned the computers off and ironed. All morning. Got it all done, well, until I do more laundry that is. Feels nice to be caught up with ironing, and not too far behind in laundry. While I was ironing I was thinking about how each person comes into our life for a reason. We may not learn what we are to learn right away, but our lives have changed. I like to think of each person as a thread. Our lives are weavings. Each person who we have come into contact with is a different color thread, and it is added to the fabric we call our life. If you have ever done any weaving, or worked with fibers, you would know that each time you add a different color to what you are working with, you end up with a totally different weaving than you had before. I think we are changed by each person, whether we realize it or not. Even if those people have left our lives, and the thread is pulled, or stops, it leaves a remnant of what it was, or the thread ends, but even that changes the "cloth" once again. The same person comes and goes throughout our entire life, that color comes and goes. Ever wonder what your weaving would look like? You could try doing a quick sample. Use colored pencils. Take a different color for each family member and close friends going up and down. Then start across with more friends, partners, people who you know have made a huge impact in your life. Then think about all of those people who you "think" only passed through quickly, but the contact was made. You gained or gave something, maybe both. By now you should have run out of colors of pencils, or crayons, even if you used the huge multi-pack. Our weavings should be magnificent, full of color, texture, design. And whether or not we realize it, we are also. How much do you touch those around you and change the weave they call their lives. For the better? Some day we may know. Some person may call us up and say, "I just wanted to say Thank you... for touching my life. I have never forgotten when you..." or you may have someone who touched you. Did you ever tell them? Maybe it is time to start looking! It is never too late to realize that people who are in our lives make a difference, and those whose lives we go into, we touch. Be gentle, be nice. Leave a thread that someone will remember with pleasure. And keep an eye on your weaving!

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Hummie said...

I am really enjoying reading your profound ramblings. You and I think alike. I should go out and tell someone that they made a difference in my life, huh? You know, I always strive to be someone who makes a difference in other's lives, it's a part of me. But I never think about thanking those who made a difference in my life. I should.