Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The visit of my belle mere (Mother-in-law)

Sunday, January 7, my "belle-mere" came for an overnight visit. She always looks elegant and this weekend was no exception. It was the first time we had seen her since July, before we left for Michigan on vacation, and she was happy to be able to spend some time with us. She took the train from Nemours to Paris which takes around 45 minutes. She said the trip was fine and she enjoyed our open air Marche (market) before coming up to the apartment. It was nice catching up on the rest of the family and hearing about the months between the times we saw her last. As this is the season for big, rich dinners we over-ate at both meals. The typical "special meals with guests and/or family are always an event. This day was no exception. The good dishes, special wine and champagne glasses and with it comes the knowledge that there will be several coures. Appetizers, first course which this time of year usually means foie gras de canard with a fresh baguette, after we had porc roti, endive, and homemade french fries. The french fries are my hubbys favorite and seems also his mom loves them as well. There was the cheese course and dessert with champagne and after coffee, freshly ground. I actually left out the salad course with the first meal, but we did manage to have it with a late dinner. As lunch started around 2:00 pm, it was not done until close to 5:30 pm. So when at 8:30 pm I decided we must eat at least a light dinner, I was really starting to feel as if it were not two separate meals, but one long one with a short break. We finished eating at 11:00 pm. Hubby and I both had work in the morning so by 1:00 am I was more than ready to go to bed. 6:30 am comes very early when you have a late evening. All in all, with the exception of the fact that my brain stopped translating the "French immersion" by the beginning of dinner, I felt the visit was a success.

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