Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And of course, it is Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines from our home to yours!

It has been a wonderful day. I got up, early, as normal. Of course with the concert I had forgotten to buy bread for a sandwich for lunch for Michel. Off I trudge in the rain to buy a demi-baguette. I figure, ok, it's Valentines Day, so I also buy a croissant avec beurre (with real butter) for him for a surprise. I notice he is being really, and I do mean really slow this morning, but I have to go to work, so I don't pay much attention. I make his sandwich (even include a little note), eat a quick bite, do a tiny bit on the site at Gotta Pixel and off I go. I come home after work to find him home, candles lit, a very nice lunch prepared, beef roast, french fries, paté with fresh bread, and some vegies for a starter...and a drink for me. Oh my, this I could really get used to! The surprise was on me. Apparently he had taken the day off to surprise me and wow, did he. We ate, watched a great movie, "The Guardian", he did some upgrades on my computer, I took a little nap and here I am. Blogging. I will have to try and make him a nice dinner, but it is hard to top this, especially since this was grocery shopping day and I have not managed to leave the apartment since work. No answering the phone, no work after lunch, just relaxing and spending time with each other. Yes indeed... it has been a very nice day!


LauraL said...

What a great gift he gave you. Hope you both enjoyed your time together.

Angel's Imaginations said...

Such a lovely evening. What a pleasant surprise. What a guy.:)