Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another day another lake and family outing

This one was when we went to "the bay". It is actually Barnes Park, which is just at the whopping village of Eastport and is part of Lake Michigan. We have a choice when we head in that direction. We can swim and have fun at that park (Lake Michigan) or go to Torch Lake and swim and have fun there. We usually opt for the Bay because it has bigger waves and is normally warmer...but the walk out in the water is very stony. Another gorgeous day for this family time also. The left photo is Shaina, my grand daughter and the right photo is Shaina heading out to swim, float and play and Michel, my husband, looking for stones I would guess. We do that a lot there. There are no shells, only stones. We usually take our frisbee, noodles, a cooler with water and pop and our big towels and just spend a few hours in the water and sun. Some days when it is really windy the waves can literally knock you off your feet, and those are the fun days! That day the breeze was cool and Shaina asked if she could wear my t-shirt. It is a short dress on her, but it worked. She dried off and warmed up, then gave me back my wet shirt and said "thanks". Well, I hope you enjoyed our 2 days at the beach!!

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