Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beautiful sunrises, not beautiful weather pics!!

I cannot believe I have just misplaced how ever much time and not blogged! I did get a short, and I do mean short monthly letter out to everyone, and have gotten a few replies. I told everyone to watch here, this is where I am keeping things up and have done zero... 'bad toad'! It has been a busy week, I worked every day this week and but will only work 4 days next week, Monday thru Thursday. Friday Michel is taking off and we will have a 3 day weekend together. I also start French class next week, Tuesday morning, so will have to work in the afternoon that day instead. Eeek! French class is beginning again. And she said a test that morning to see how much we have "retained" or know for those who will be new in the class.

Everyone has been talking my last challenge for Gotta Pixel was on the weather. I did a layout, and realized we have hit every single kind of weather this month. You can see above that we had (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) rain, fog...which was so think you could hardly see the building just next to us! Sunshine, a beautiful day, several actually, but I only took a photo of one, and that small one on the bottom right. The arrow is pointing to the snow which is piling up against the window. That was actually the 2nd time we have had snow since my challenge started the 27th of January, but only got the one picture that you could actually see we had snow. We used to say in Michigan that just wait a bit, if you did not like the weather right now it would change. As you can see, I can say the same thing about Paris!

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