Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lets look at summer

I don't know about you, but I am tired of winter. The sun was out for a while today, on my way back from the grocery store. It is good it was because it helped me dry out from getting rained on going to the store. I have just decided that even if I am tired of winter, we can look at summer in some layouts. Think warm, think beach, think family picnics and relaxing. My daughter just sent me a note about this one. She was happy I did it for her. Guess that means she liked it. As she has been having a really tough time I am glad maybe she smiled when she saw this. School, bills, work, homework, winter, lots of snow and now car problems and a sick daughter...I guess I would be a bit at the end of my rope also. We were at Log Lake, a park and camping area just outside of Kalkaska last summer when this was taken. It is half way between where my daughter lives and where we stay when we are in Michigan, and close for my mom and brother. It is our annual birthday/family picnic with family and friends. We spend the entire day there, eating, playing games, blowing bubbles, swimming, talking and of course, taking photos. Knock on wood we always have good weather when we plan the day!

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