Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Speaking of church and the choir...

Last night we went out for a quick dinner and after enjoyed a wonderful evening at a concert. A perfect pre-valentines gift from a friend, who gave us tickets to go and see, and of course hear him sing. It is the first time I have heard him sing, and there was orchestra and choirs. It was fantastic!! The sign read: Concert, Cantate Saint-Nicolas, Hommage à Benjamin Britten. The concert was held at Notre Dame de Paris. Stuart Patterson was the singer, other than the choir. He is a tenor and has a beautiful voice. He also has a website and you can hear his voice for yourself, in more than one language. He travels all over the world doing concerts. I can't imagine being able to sing like that. The music was great and it told an entire story, with a small choir of girls (not seen in the picture) at one time behind us, another time at the other end of the church, another time in the center, but each time it was like a conversation between Stuart, the choir behind him, (you can just see one person at the far right in a blue robe) and the other choir. We did purchase a program so we will have it to go with all of the pictures that I managed to take. Here is the link for Stuart's website. Go take a look and a listen!

Over the course of the evening and the walk back across the bridge to the metro I took more than 120 photos. Poor Michel, I just kept stopping and snapping. It is evenings like these, or any times like these that I love having a digital camera. You just delete the ones that are not good and the rest, download into the computer and you are ready to go! Keep watching, you will see more as I go along. Just not tonight. (Smile!!)

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