Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thoughts about being there

I have been thinking off and on about the 'stand-in mom' (cat) in the story below. Just instinct or is she a good 'mom', even more than just being a good mom? Those are not her kittens, they are not even close to being cats. They are baby skunks. It is one thing to give them the nourishment they need, but, to wash them, carry them around and show them to visitors? She probably did not even do that with her own kittens. Animals understand much more than we give them credit for. We can't understand them, they are the dumb animals. They understand us. And they care.

Anytime I have had a cat it has come when I called its name. Our last one would stand by the door just before my husband would arrive home. If found that interesting because he was not one to walk in at the same time every night. Normally, about 10 minutes before he would come home, Whitey would go and set by the door. If I yelled at him for something, he ignored me until I apologized.

Dumb animals. How many stories do we read, hear about, where an animal saves a human. We train dogs to aid the blind and physically challenged. Some animals know when a person will have a seizure. Animals know when you are sad, happy, angry. They stand by us regardless, love us. And back to the stand-in mom. she obviously has enough love to take care of baby skunks. And show them off. So they are different. She takes care of them. I wonder what she will feel when they are removed because they need to go back to the wild, or will they end up in a zoo somewhere? Will she wonder what happened to them? Where they are? Are they ok?

Dumb animals. How many times have we been a 'stand-in'. Stand-in mom, friend, helper, worker, listener. It is one thing when you want to be that stand in. Totally another when no one else will do it. And if we really want it to happen, we have to step up. Do we give it our best? Do we go the extra mile? Or when we are 'stuck' with something that maybe we really don't want, are grumbling about the fact that we are again stuck with having to do something, take care of someone, whatever it is, because the original person who was supposed to do it walked out? Are we proudly showing off our accomplishment and giving it our all, regardless, or are we just counting the seconds until we can get out of the responsibility and hassle of having to do the unwanted task.

On the other hand, if someone is doing something that we did not want to do, are we at least being supportive? Not complaining about the fact it is not how we wanted it done? Not nagging or grumbling at them for not doing it how we thought it should be done? Accepting that it is being done and thanking them for doing it?

Yes, I guess that there are definitely dumb animals on this earth. I am just not sure which species we should think of when we say that.

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Hummie said...

Ah, I knew you could do it! I told you we like reflecting on the same things and analyzing the same. I could not have said any of this better had I had the time to write! Great job.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all set aside how we are different and just helped one another regardless? What a great example for us to follow.

Thanks for tackling my challenge, I really enjoyed reading this.