Friday, April 6, 2007

A Friend in Need

I have a wonderful friend. Well, I have many, but this one comes and goes to Paris periodically and we manage to have a lunch, a talk and lots of laughs. We always laugh together. She and her husband lost their dog a couple of years ago. It was a horrible time for them. I received a note from her 2 weeks ago I believe, said they had "adopted a new dog, it was time". When she told me poodle, I thought, no way... you see dogs with their owners and see why they go so well together. For me she needed an Airedale. Tall, flowing, thin... moves with a natural grace just like my friend. Well, I received a photo last week of just the dog and I though, hmmm... just maybe because the dog for one thing is obviously tall, his head is the same height as the back of her couch. Poof went the picture in my head of this noisy small toy poodle. (I have known many like that unfortunately!) This morning while trying to wake up I was reading my e-mail.

Side note here... for those of you who get e-mails from me in the morning, you should realize it is the very first thing I do with my 1st cup of coffee, so if it does not make sense at points within the body of the e-mail, you now have the knowledge of why!

Where was I? Oh yes, my e-mail this morning. She sent me a new photo of her with the dog that her husband had taken. She was taking a well needed break from cleaning before company arrives and was relaxing with the dog. Poof went the remaining photo in my head of them and the dog I had thought would be great. Nothing can beat the real thing! This is what I call a friend when needed.


Hummie said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful friend. I love that shot! It speaks volumes.

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Melinda said...

Wonderful, Pat! I hope you're planning to scrap this photograph. It's screaming to be scrapped! :)

(And for the record, my first thought was of the yipping little miniature poodles too. ;) )