Sunday, April 29, 2007

We did it!!

Well, we actually uploaded our very first kit into the store today. Had loads of little bugs to work out but it is done! Yipee!! You want to see what it looks like?? Ok, since you asked :) here is the preview of it. You can look at a closer detail at the store at Deco Pages. We had a ball making it, must have said several times, ok, all finished. Only to have him come home the next day and say, I made a couple more things for the kit... want to see? So I would laugh, say sure, great, look at them, and they were... but the kit kept getting larger and larger. We are already discussing an add on as he was "thinking, oh, there are other things we could do for the kit also. LOL. Here is the link! We are both thrilled with it, hope you are too :)! Deco-Pages Store!

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