Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Mad Ride in Time

Ever since we became a real design team, time has just sort of become on a different zone for me. I think of it as Paris Designs Time Zone. My days just disappear, running from thing to thing, trying to stay at least semi-caught up, at least not going further behind. Well, it was not working. I ended up resigning from being a moderator at Gotta Pixel. Miss all the great people there as I don't get there as much, as often, nor for the same thing. Now I just come and go there, like any other member. That happened Sunday, May 20. Today, I resigned from Scrap2Basics. I learned a lot from doing all of the different things I did, but love where we are at now. Not only at the Deco-Pages site, but also as a design team working together. Speaking of which...we now have 3 kits in the store!! You saw the one below, here is a preview of the 12 quick pages that are packaged up and in the store. I had a ball with these. A good friend, Cinna, helped with 3 of them, she loves to do quick pages! She is also on our creative team so she gets to work with the kits. I will tell you more about our CT team shortly. Hope you enjoy seeing them! They can be found at the Deco-Pages Store!

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