Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Designs~Track and Field Kit

This kit was a special request from a Deco-Page member. She said there was nothing out there for Track and Field so we came up with something. This was definitely a shared experience between Michel and I, and you can usually tell by the different styles. We figure that we compliment each other so that works well. Talk about learning a lot! You are forced to learn all kinds of things when you design. But it is loads of fun (lots of work also) but we enjoy it. Each month I think, OK, we are coming up with zero for new ideas and each month we manage to come up with something new. Guess we can say we get a medal for this kit, for crossing the finish line and the fact that we don't quit trying.

Leaf Melody Spring

The kit I worked on and did all by myself... and is in the store. I was really happy with it, although it doesn't have Michel's touch. It is called Leaf Melody~Spring, and the preview should blink (I say that because it is doing nothing at this moment!) It has been a busy month and it is almost over. The month, not the busy time. Ever just KNOW you are behind or just barely keeping up? Well, I know that. We are still designing away...but not much else is getting done except for designing and work. Yes, I know, other things must get done also, but at this moment in time it is not happening. I hope your month is working out better!

Monday, June 4, 2007

3 new members on our CT team!!

We also have added 3 new members to our creative team. Welcome ladies!!

Physioscrapper, franlk, and Northlight have joined our team, bringing us all around the world.
Again... WELCOME to Paris Designs!!

We have people from Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Philippines, South Africa, Australia and France! I would say that pretty well puts us all over...and we love it. Working with all of the different ladies is and has been a joy to us and they all do such great work. It is always a pleasure and quite often also fun to see what they have created out of the kits we send them. They all seem to know how to 'scrap outside the box' in their thinking and that is great. We really appreciate all they are doing.

Great job team!!

Been a busy couple of weeks!

Wow... I thought I was keeping up with things here and see I am behind, again. Michel and I have managed to put another kit into the store, Ever After. It was a big change from our normal strong, rich colors that Michel prefers...this is more of what I love. Soft, frilly, gems, lace, bows and ribbons that shimmer and are almost transparent. The flowers we added were from real flowers so they are very life-like, right down to a small bug on one!! We also got another kit into the Club, for club members.

This month the Deco-Pages club is close to a giga in items for club members to download. That is not a small amount of items!! Be sure to go to Deco Pages and check it out. They are also voting on a new logo to change the look at the site, we have just put out a CT Call for the Deco Store... new things are happening all through Deco-Pages! If you have not checked it out before, be sure to do it now! Deco-Pages.com