Monday, June 4, 2007

Been a busy couple of weeks!

Wow... I thought I was keeping up with things here and see I am behind, again. Michel and I have managed to put another kit into the store, Ever After. It was a big change from our normal strong, rich colors that Michel prefers...this is more of what I love. Soft, frilly, gems, lace, bows and ribbons that shimmer and are almost transparent. The flowers we added were from real flowers so they are very life-like, right down to a small bug on one!! We also got another kit into the Club, for club members.

This month the Deco-Pages club is close to a giga in items for club members to download. That is not a small amount of items!! Be sure to go to Deco Pages and check it out. They are also voting on a new logo to change the look at the site, we have just put out a CT Call for the Deco Store... new things are happening all through Deco-Pages! If you have not checked it out before, be sure to do it now!

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