Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1st Halloween kit in the store and an extra paper pack :)

We finished it!! I managed to get it into the store yesterday! It is called Halloween Fun. We also did an extra paper pack...which will coordinate with both, yes, you read right, both Halloween kits. The next one to be released soon is Halloween Fright. I figured that way people who want fun kits can get the fun one, and others who want fright...get that one.

There is such a wide variation between people and what they like/don't like at Halloween. Halloween is one of those holidays that is very controversial, especially with a religious background. The biggest problem is the hype that goes with the holiday making it a must "I want to go trick or treating" by the kids...parties, events at school, neighborhoods have private things. It is everywhere, even here in France now!

How did I get off what I was saying? The kits! Ok...I will show you the .gif's of the Fun kit and the preview of the paper pack...but the Fright kit is still in the wings, literally, waiting to "fly" out!

Remember...we sell only at Deco-Pages.com!

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Hummie said...

It looks like you've been busy!