Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A pleasant fall day

Was setting here sorting through e-mails, answering what needs to be answered, posting, downloading and drifting off to dream land. Yup! Worked all morning, ate a quick lunch and off to get groceries with my little cart. One of these days I will actually take a photo of it and post it. I have talked about it to friends often enough. Anyway, got home and promptly put away everything and sat down at the computer with a large bottle of cold water and away I went. Next thing I realize I had dozed off while waiting for the network to give me the pages I want, and looking out the window at the beautiful blue sky. Did not last long, unfortunately. Is hard to doze well when you have your head propped up on your hand. ;) Am feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed so to speak and will finish up what I started. What I was thinking about as I dazed into the sky was doing up a Halloween kit. We had talked about it before, decided no, not to bother this year, but now, think I will. Seeing all of the really adorable fall/pumpkin/Halloween themed layouts and kits around has put me into the mood. Guess that means no more day dreaming, dozing or even blogging...need to go to work! Have a wonderful fall day wherever you are!


Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have fun creating your Halloween kit!

Hummie said...

You write so well. I can just picture in my head your little nap!

I don't like can go away!