Monday, November 5, 2007

The Marche de Noel

Or, the American Church/WOAC Art and Craft Fair. It is amazing how many of the french do not understand the concept of a craft fair. They use the same word but differently so then of course it became an exposition...but that did not work. LOL, too many "other" things fall under that word heading. So this year, it got an official name change. Marché de Nöel. That actually lets the other population here that are not English speaking know what is going on. Here are some photos of when we were at the German School fair, but it does show our items even if they are a bit crowded on just one table. I even have added some new items this year, and must get some printing done for his cards....At least a multiple pack. Time...time...need time...

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Hummie said... were really really busy making all that's all laid out so nicely too.