Friday, December 28, 2007

Was your Christmas merry?

Christmas has come and gone. Hard to believe it is already done for this year. Work, craft shows, being behind everywhere... suddenly it is Christmas day and I am not ready. I wrapped "zero" gifts. DH got what he got unwrapped, what he got me was wrapped by the store. I don't remember the last time I went through the wrapping paper section in a store and looked at paper. What they have here comes in boxes, on end...and doesn't stimulate the imagination. Or at least not mine, because I walk by them like they are not here. I did look at ornaments this year and buy some more for our tree...which I put up. Love the tree up, watching its twinkling lights at night, watching the ornaments move when the building does (15th floor, building moves with wind and vibrates with the metro at times). Different neighbors come and see the tree. Obviously from what I have seen, we do ours more much differently than most others I see here. Many different types, sizes, shapes, colors of ornaments, from many years and all over. Home made, plastic, glass, metal, name it, it is on the tree.

I have a friend in Michigan who does their Christmas on Jan. 6...the day when the wise men were said to have come and given the gifts to the holy child. That concept runs through my head a lot, but makes it difficult with us both working. Still...I like the idea.

We were alone this year. Jacqueline, my "belle mere" was not here, nor were we with her or any of Michel's family. Mine are all back in the US. Did not invite anyone over for anything. Thought about it. Mentioned it to DH..he said you don't do that here. (Inviting only for some appetizers and holiday cheer.) My reaction? I am American... by now they should expect us to do things differently. Again, I can laugh at that, as we carry many of the French customs with us when we are back in the states. I like how they do things here also. So we are a blend. Like coffee I guess. Which I am sipping my first cup of the day while I write this. I had to reboot the computer and noticed I had not written here for (OMGosh) quite a while. Guess I won't say exactly how long. See what I mean? Behind. I did get most of our winter clothes out, there is still a box or two I am missing...must still be down in the cave (the name for the room we get underground with our apartment, like a cellar). By the time I find them it will be time to put them away. Hmmmm.... seem to be rambling.

I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Hummie said...

I am sorry you were alone for Christmas. I hope you managed to have a blessed day together with your hubby.