Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Watercolors (Aquarelle) now up as well as a Merry Christmas!

I have finally gotten several of hubby's watercolors up (aquarelle in french) and I am content. I have many more to go. Just click on the left column for TurtlesRainbowGold and you can see what he has done. We also have note cards we sell for all of those paintings as well as many more I have not gotton on yet. Ok, I am slow? No, just really really busy. I still want to come up with a gift for everyone for their digi-scrapping, but it will be late...but coming! Keep your eyes open!

As it is now 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, dinner is calling, we just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! May your Christmas be a time of joy for you and your family. Even if it just means being together with those you love, appreciate what you have!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full of Emotion!

Now in the store is our kit "Full of Emotion". Below is just a small example of what is in the kit.

We have had some great layouts made with it also!

For seeing all of the detailed images, they can be found by clicking here to see the kit Full of Emotions where we sell exclusively at

Here is the description:
Paris Designs Full of Emotion

Feeling sad, disappointed, frazzled? Got the grungies in this kit for you! How about Happy, peaceful, calm? There are flowers, hearts, cheery backgrounds for you to play with and enjoy. This was a combo kit on emotions, with lots of different frames, ribbons, laces both straight and curled, journaling books and papers along with little elements and doodles to help you make that page full of emotions for your memory book!

This kit was made based on a 12x12 page, using 300 DPI for the backgrounds and elements for ease of manipulation. Cut the papers or use as they are, make your elements larger or smaller, play, enjoy and relax!

Kit includes:
13 grungy backgrounds different colors/different grunge!
13 bright and cheery backgrounds, different colors/different feelings
2 - 12x12 quick pages
2 - 8 1/2 x 11 quick pages
5 feelings (words)
21 misc elements
7 curled lace
13 straight (12") lace strips
6 curled ribbons
13 straight (12") grungy ribbons
3 full page framing combinations
4 doodles
6 flower cluster round frames
7 matts for journaling or interiors for round frames
7 small flower clusters
3 folded frames
1 angel frame
5 grungy star frames
5 grungy circle frames
10 journaling notebooks (2 styles)

This kit, as are all of our kits and items, allowed to be used for Scrap4Hire!
We would love to see your creations using our items. Don't hesitate to contact us with comments or you have questions.
Special thank you to:
Royanna Fritschmann
Gunhild Storeide
Josephine Carson
Cindy Doerksen
Thaty Borges Designs
Obsidian Dawn (Brushes)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our new blue tree

As I am working on our blogs anyway, thought I would let you see our new decoration at our Place! (I managed to get a painting of Michels on our other blog!! YEAH!! Finally!)

I came home late one afternoon to see this silver, metal tree setting at our "courtyard" here at Place des Fetes. We already had 3 or 4 cut trees the Mairie had put here, with bows to make it look more festive. But this was different. Of course, I did not have my camera so I thought to myself, it is just a silver looking metal tree, with lights, later. Came home, and later that day (of course it was after dark already by 5 pm) I went to get bread. Again, forgot the camera. I rounded the corner only to see this beautiful blue tree...glowing in the courtyard.

Of course, I bought the bread, took it home and then came back down with the camera in hand. I was not alone by then, there were people around taking photos with their cameras, cell phones, on the phone talking to someone saying come and bring a camera, there was a couple asking someone to take a photo of them in front of the I waited my turn and took some photos. I have yet to get a photo of that rather plain looking silver metal tree in the daylight, but, could not resist making the extra trip to get a photo of this!

Just in the store at Deco-Pages!

Heritage Blessings. This is not just a thanksgiving or a heritage kit, for me Heritage Blessings is about different things that remind me of my great grandparents. Shapes, patterns, items and even the color combinations…all things that invoke memories of the heritage in our family. Things that were old, used, well loved. My hope this kit will allow you to make pages of the heritage of your family and special loved ones that you can pass on to future generations. Here is a preview of it!

We have also had some wonderful pages made from the is just a sampling of 3 of them...

Where can you find it? At Deco-Pages of course. To go to the Heritage Blessings kit by Paris Designs at click on this line!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

YES!! Life slows down!!

For all of you who do not understand this is because my life revolves around work and craft fairs this time of year. Today we did the final one for this year. It is difficult, time consuming and in all honesty, with the economy the way it is, not necessarily worth the effort. But, in saying that, I have stock that I continue to build each year and that needs to go somehow! So, we do 4 shows a year only and call it good (ok, this old body can't do much more than 4 this time of year!!). Today was the last day. I can now go back to designing and, of course, working on my "stock" in free time.

This last weekend we entertained 7 extra people in our tiny apartment. I am sure that when they all came in they wondered where they were going to eat...but with furniture in the hallway outside the apartment and everything possible out of the way, we pulled the table out to seat them all and have an American Thanksgiving dinner. Not everyone "appreciated" the dinner...being French, eating an American dinner is not necessarily high on their list, but all left here not able to eat a single morsel more!!

My goal, getting back to the actual subject, is to also start getting photos of hubbies originals that I have framed and get them on this site as well. I would love to sell some of them! I love them and it is hard to part with them, but, we need a roof on the house in Michigan so that is where every cent will go. In the coming weeks I will be taking photos and getting them put up in the side bar... I hate to have them go as I love each and every painting he has done, but, the roof is more important! I will also be offering some freebies, both CU and regular... for me (the CU ones) but I will do this!!

Thank you all for being such patient and faithful followers. Keep your eyes open and watch for what comes next!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calling for snow....

We never get snow!! Or "very rarely"... and so early! Tomorrow night is Halloween, I did buy candy but we normally only have a few kids that live in the building. I think some come more than once and just switch costumes. I will be back later with a freebie for you, at least if I don't get lost in the "blizzard"!

Update on the winner this time. I will keep it up and allow the possibility until the next contest is up, then that one will expire. Thank you to all of those who have guessed, some were close, but close only counts in horse shoes, or so they say!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freebie link fixed!

Just in case you tried the one below and it did not work for you, here it is.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thank you Jody for leaving that comment... I have put the link below the preview. For what ever reason the preview only goes to the preview! Fixed it!! Thank you again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I feel a bit in the fog today...

I spent a late night working on one box in my email, over 1000 posts and I made it through. But today I am definitely feeling in the fog. Wonder if this has anything to do with it?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Now things get mixed up!

I am going to jump off digital for a bit and talk about Paris! I received a great little note on my blog from someone I actually met at Bloom on Monday and Tuesday. I went to her blog and read:
9 October 2008- No pictures this week. I was the volunteer photographer for an orientation program in Paris and need some time away from the camera. I worked a bit on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. Who would have thought it was so exhausting?
She is from Texas, but believe it was somewhere else before that...northeast I believe. You can find her blog on the listing on the left, Going to Paris and Beyond. I also spent both days at the same conference and came home totally wiped out. As I managed 1 photo there before my batteries went kaput, I am hoping I can get some digital copies from her. (How shameful for a digital person to have no back up batteries that work, guess 'she' forgot to recharge them!!) My new friend is right, these are supposed to be enjoyable days, but as much as I enjoy them, I am then behind 2 days with all of my regular 'duties' and my body and mind are still working on all of the info I took in and stair climbing I did at the church. It was a great conference! We welcomed between 85 and 100 new English speaking people (only qualification to come to Bloom Where You're Planted is you must speak English) into WOAC. They automatically become members once they do anything with our organization. This was also what I spent my spring working on, I was the managing editor for the Bloom Where You're Planted book, which I am proud to say came out great! The 38th edition was released on Monday for the orientation. I met lovely people and reconnected with others. I was able to set in on some very interesting presentations (being on the board of WOAC) and even after living here for more than 10 years, I am still learning about Paris, France and the culture.

I also need to get some pics on the blog, both here and the other organization I belong to, ACWO. We have a new member brunch happening there on the 16th and November begins the art fairs here. There is a note on the left about what we do and pics are coming! It will be a very busy time from now until just before Christmas. I will try and keep you posted on everything...from new kits and designing to the more personal things going on!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calendar Kits in the Deco Store!

We finally got this together, have been trying for a while now. Hubby decided that we needed to do this, two kits. One starting on Sunday, normal week for the US, and one starting on Monday, normal for Europeans. The kits are identical except for the 12 months starting on different days.

Here are the previews of the two and you can see them in the store at Deco-Pages here.

Garden the store!

Did you have a garden this year? We did not, and I really missed having one. Here is a kit that helped me to remember how I enjoyed a garden and loving all of those items that came out of it. This is a great kit for doing up recipes, showing off your gardens or just having fun by using the whimsical veggies in your layouts! Kit can be found in the Deco Pages Store!!

Indulgence now in the store!

This was a kit I had a ball working how many times can we think of what actually we consider an indulgence? And if not us, right now, maybe 50 years ago? 100? What were the indulgences of those people?

I will add some of the other previews, although not all... go here to see them all!! Deco-Pages Store!

September was a very busy month, have been trying to get caught up and have succeeded in several areas, not all. The contest was one of them. Before Sunday evening the 2nd contest details will be posted. Promise! Also a freebie coming and other kit previews.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seems I missed the contest also!

Talk about being behind! I thought I was doing well, finishing up the book for the organization I volunteer at, getting us packed and ready for vacation...and then suddenly it is time to return from that same vacation and I realized I did nothing with the blog. Or much else in the design area or anywhere else for that matter. We did a total "recoup" on ourselves this vacation. We rested, visited with family some, a few friends who stopped over and worked on the yard. Nothing else. Although the yard is large. I did not even get on the computer for 17 days and when I did it was to respond to emails. So, the next part of the contest did not happen. Sorry!! I am hoping to get it up and going again during this month, as well as play catch up in our designing, get some things in the store.
Right now we are still dealing with jet lag. Getting up in the morning is almost impossible, but at night, when we should be going to bed, we are still awake. The first few days it was 3 in the morning and we were getting sleepy, but it is better midnight we are going to sleep if we are lucky. The early mornings still feel like the middle of the night though. Most of the putting away from the luggage that was unpacked and "piled" here and there is done. I think I am just getting down to craft items that seem to build rather than disappear.
So, if you have been watching and waiting, don't give up. I have discovered I am way over-committed and not sure what I am going to do about it yet, but know that I do not physically and mentally have enough energy to keep going at the pace we were at before. Nor do I want to. Too many things I enjoy are getting put on the back burner for when "I find time" and I have been watching the fact the time has just flown by, wondering where it went and not much memory of doing anything. I will try and keep you all posted on what I actually change. For now I need to get groceries so we can eat and get things moving on the Church Christmas Fair!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Did you miss the contest?

We had our first contest here at Turtles Rainbow...and had a winner of their choice of kits from our store. What did she have to do? She had to figure out exactly what was used in the layout that Tammy had done...and email me the list. How hard was that? If you want to join in on the next one, keep your eye open...within the next few days there will be another layout posted and another chance to win a free kit!

Freebie Brag Book Pages For YOU!!

Tammy (Phreyfall) was busy again...and she created 2 great brag book pages for you. These are using our May Mothers Day kit, (found in the store at Deco-Pages here).
Again, these can be turned any direction and will compliment any photo!!

Where can you get them at? They are stored here, with the others on 4share! Download here.
These are the MayMothersDayBB!! Please leave some love if you download! If you want her to make more she has to feel wanted!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We have a winner!!

I woke up this morning to find the winning email in my in-box! Catherine gave the correct guesses, which were:
Background: Snow Much Fun
Heart: Ever After
Pink button: The B's Have It
Bow: Country Potpourri
White flower: The B's Have It
Lt brown stamp: The Journey Traveled
Tag mat: The B's Have It

I have already sent her an email telling her I will get her kit to her right away. If you want to check out her blog, it is Rockin' Like A Hermit Crab which I think is pretty cool she guessed right...


There will be another contest next month! Watch for the layout...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some good guesses!!

We have had some good guesses, but still no winner!! This contest will close by June 30th so keep trying!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you need to see that LO larger?

Tammy also posted it at can go here and see it larger! Might make it a bit easier for you to see!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Freebies!! 2 Brag Book Pages

I am only about a month behind...going to post the brag book pages that my wonderful CT, Phreyfall created..and then post the info about the contest... You have all waited long enough, time I got in gear!

The kit, as you probably know, can be found here.

The 2 brag book pages? They are on! The name of the zip is ParisDesignsSunKissed2BBPagesJune14. I put the date in so we can keep track. I believe that means there are more coming. Enjoy! Please leave alittle love below or on 4share if you download. Thanks!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Freebies--2 Brag Book Pages

Phreyfall did it again.. created 2 lovely pages for you, using our Sun Kissed kit. The bottom one could be used vertically, the top horizontal only. I have added the zip to the files, and make sure you look for the name ParisDesigns-SunKiss2pgs in the files. Click on the name above or on the preview...both take you to the 4-shared file!! It is near the center, as I have left them all up, in case someone missed one.

Oh...where has the time gone?

I have some wonderful brag book pages for you...they should have been up by now! The weeks fly by and seems so do the weekends. I am obviously not getting things caught up if my blog is any indication! And the contest!?!! Oh yes... before the weekend is out, I will get a brag book page or two up and the contest instructions for winning a free kit of ours. Keep your eyes open for it...coming soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Star QP Freebie available now!

Woooohoooo!!! Phreyfall did it again, came up with another great quick page that you can use in any direction! Here is her layout using it:

I can see it going in absolutely any direction, depends on how you want to use it. I love his expressions, he certainly is a star! She again used the Sun Kissed Kit by Paris Designs, (Yes, that is us) and our kits can be found here.

Here are the previews, again, she was a sweetheart and did 2 sizes for you!! What would we do without her?!

Click on the name of the QP or on the preview to take you to the freebie! Please leave some love if you download! All of the freebies are still available, the name for this freebie is: ParisDesignsStarQuickPageFreebie

We hope you enjoy it!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A new freebie to start off May!

We have a wonderful CT who I would not take a million dollars for her! We are swamped with all that has happened in the family and what we have to do (go and clean out the apartment now) and she has been a wonder and made some quick pages for me to be able to give away. They are from our kit, Sun Kissed, (link to our kits) and she even did a layout to show everyone how great the page looks when done! I will start with her LO because I love it!! I was also very pleased to see that she created the page in 2 sizes, and either could be rotated in any direction, including upside down and it would still make a great page!! Phreyfall also has a blog, (link at left in list or here) so check it out as well!

These are just the first of a few freebies she has put together from our kit to give out so keep watch in the upcoming days...and a surprise contest to win a kit later this month!! Coming soon... but Shhhhh!!! It is a surprise and I am not supposed to talk about it.

Download here!
(please leave some love here on the blog if you download!)

Don't be surprised when you get there, the other "earlier" freebies are still up if you want them also...if you have them already, then just take the Sun Kissed QP's!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday today for hubby!


Having just gotten home from work, I have to grab some lunch and then head to the store to buy a nice dinner for Michel for tonight. It is his birthday today. (Shhhhh don't tell anyone I told you but he is 59 today.) I think I will pick up his favorite meal, beef, so that means a steak, potatoes for french fries, fresh green beans, tomatoes and something to make a cake with. Reminds me, I have homework to get done for my french language class tomorrow morning also. Guess I don't get to prepare the freebie I keep thinking about, nor do much else here today!

Thank you all...

Michel and I would like to thank everyone for their expressions of condolences with phone calls, cards, e-mails... and all of the prayers being offered for all of the family. The funeral services were Friday with a small gathering of family and close friends and after going to (brother of Michel) Didier and Isabelle's where there were things to eat and drink while we all conversed. We spent 3 days with family, talking, remembering, laughing and crying. We are now back at home and routine must return to it is true what they say. Life goes on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In memory of...

Yesterday was a very sad day for our family, my mother-in-law passed away. It was a shock, and we are still trying to come to terms with it. She was a wonderful lady. Elegant always, perfect hostess and lovely guest. It was like a treat when we would go to visit her, she would cater to our likes, wants and needs, letting us know how special we were in her life. This was not the last visit we had with her, but it was the last time I actually took photos. We always think we will have more time with those we love, but the time passes too quickly and death comes without warning.

Jacqueline Piel
June 14, 1928 -- April 15, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Women in Art

If you have not seen this before, it is fab!! Go to the very bottom of the blog to view...and press play. You may or may not want to have your speakers on....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring in Paris by Paris Designs

And what does that make you think of?? I think for everyone it is a little different, but flowers, lovers, setting at a sidewalk café drinking coffee or a glass of wine, watching the people and feeling happy you are where you are! We just put our new kit in the store, called Spring in Paris. Want to see what it looks like? Ok...preview!

You can find it "here" at the Deco-Pages Store!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am so honored!!

If you get the chance, click on Lunyme Dezines in the Blog listing in the left column and check out her blog. So why am I honored by her blog?? She used our Paris Designs March Color Challenge kit to decorate her blog with!! Woooooo!!! And a great job it is! I was so surprised and honored when she asked, and I went to "peek" a couple of times but she had not gotten it done. Then this morning there was a PM and I got to see what she has gotten done. I am really "contente" (French lessons coming in here) to see her blog and know that someone like the kit so well they would use it for their blog!! Right now the kit is still in parts, the starter kit, and 2 bonus kits for posting for the challenge... but at the end of the month it will go into the store differently...I still have to come up with a name for it. I will show you what it looks like with the previews as they are now....

This is the starter kit, in the store. I will also say right now there are several special thank yous because this kit ended up being so large. I had a ball combining bits and pieces from designers commercial items for here.

A special thank you to Cindy Doerksen; Lisa Craig-Mullins of Primsey Doodle Designs; Faith True FabricFlowers; A special thank you for divabutterfly shapes, digidiva_cuborders by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs; karenheckyeah digital designs; "Bannerwoman Design's - Antique frame, SubscribersGrabBag_8 and _9";
Carolyn Brown, Nightwolf Designs; and
That covers all 3 parts of the kit. The rest was me!

Bonus kit 1 for posting 1 LO:

I wanted something that made me think spring, pastels, flowers, baby chicks, little bee's, bugs, soft pretty flowers....

Click on the preview if it does not blink to show you all for bonus 1 ..

And then when you post 3 LO's total I will send you this:

One thing led to another and I kept adding and adding and adding... then had the problem of trying to separate it all for the different parts of the bonus. I was quite pleased at how it all turned out, this was my first color challenge and was still feeling my way around on how it was done.

and bonus 2 previews...they should be blinking..

and...if you do 5 layouts can request a kit from our selection of kits, free.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Weekend!!

I look so forward to weekends...2 days of rest, relaxing, not having to get up in the morning. Ok, so only 1 out of 3 happens, but I can dream!! Other than that, more of the same thing I do doing the week, only more so. 1 more meal a day than normal, more dishes, today I am even still doing laundry that did not get done this last week (or the one before that if I have to be honest). I felt like I was being smothered in dirty clothes...even though they were all hidden in hampers. I have a stack of homework for my french lessons staring at me each day, but of course I leave it until the day before class. I found we may get older, but our old habits are there to stay. I may try and break that habit, actually work on it 2 days before class.

I have a new kit that Michel started, I am trying to get finished and get it in Deco...Spring in Paris. I don't even have the previews together yet, but it is coming, soon! Need to get to work on April's PTP Club kit, and I have needlework that has been calling out to me for, ummmmm.... 3 years now to finish? And what am I doing? Making a blog post. I try and look on the bright side, if I were doing the other things, I could not be updating the blog and then would have to apologize again. On my list of things to do are a couple more blinkies and, a freebie for here. Maybe to coordinate with the new kit coming out....

On the up-side, several of my on-line friends are involved in the 3rd digi scrap race happening right now. Good luck to all of you!!! On the down side? Is there one? Of course there foolish to even think there may not be one! One of my designer friends is very ill, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I can't name a name but just pray for Pat's designer friend. It will work just as well! Also, we had one of our brand new CT's resign. Quickest on/off in history I believe. I removed her from the list so only those 4 are new. I tend to take these things much too personally, even if I am given a very legitimate reason for the person leaving. Ever do that? I am sure that at one time or another we all have taken things too personally.

My mom called earlier this week to tell me their apartment building was on fire during the night, they had to set in the car for 2 hours...their apartment was ok, thankfully, and no one was hurt. She called last night to tell me she bought a new mattress. She had back surgery a year ago and the doctor and her PT were actually concerned with the amount of back pain she is having...said she must get a firmer mattress. She did, said it felt like sleeping on a board, but, she was so surprised, has not had any pain all day. I wondered why she did not just write me her normal e-mail. I usually get at least one from her each day, each one telling me she understands that I am so busy and can't write right now. What a sweetie...backward guilt. I think she is just looking for reasons to call...wants to hear my voice and make sure I am actually ok, just swamped. Then with the time difference she calls around 8-10 pm...not my best time of the day, and usually around dinner time. (I know it is too late to eat, but we do it anyway!! Can I have a break here??) By that time of night I am tired, wanting to eat and relax and go to bed. I normally eat, relax a tiny bit and then get back on the computer! But not great at chit-chat. I have not been good about writing or calling and of course I don't visit but once a year. In that my daughter and I are alike. We communicate over the phone in short sentences. Hi...hi. How are you? Fine, tired, you? Fine, tired. Things going ok? Yes, suppose so. (Silence.... each is thinking, but saying nothing. The one who called, hmmm guess it was a bad time to call, but she sounds ok. The one being called, Now what do I say? No news, not really in the mood to talk, but she sounds ok, so I don't have to worry about her. ) Well, you are sure all is fine? Yes, all is fine, really. I will try and write soon...just busy. Ok. Me too. Good talking with you! Love you! Love you too, yes, glad to talk with you! Bye! Bye! My mom? She is the chatty one...can talk to people all day long, every day and loves it. My daughter and I...and my grand daughter all fit in this category, which I believe, are not. If I have actually talked with another human during the day, it fills my quota. I can write, but not really a "social" person. Speaking of being social... we have a dinner out tonight. The language will be french so at least I am not expected to say much. Up side? I don't have to cook and no dishes!! On that upside, I will sign off and go get ready!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This month at Club Deco went wild!! Take a look at what the kits for this month are...and I am not sure they are all there...

Isn't this something!! if you want to see it closer, or learn more about here! Look down at the bottom of the page to see details.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ok...ok... just a little behind this month..

But I think I have accomplished a lot! You will be seeing some of that accomplishment soon... did the new color challenge for March, have our March Club Deco kit ready to go, one kit for the store tomorrow... and the biggest news, we have new members on our CT team!!

Welcoming, in alpha order...

Laura M

Thank you all for coming on board!! We are thrilled to have you with us on the team...and let me tell everyone, from seeing their galleries, we are very lucky to have them with us. They are all very talented!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

As the time flies by...

I realize I am behind again here. I am sorry..I had meant to post something before! I have new kits in the store, the grab bag was revealed, a new contest going on.... But in saying that I also did not get my Christmas cards out in the mail, nor my Happy New Year ones which were scheduled in place of the Christmas ones. Just this last Monday I finally took our tree was either that or figure out how to dust it.

Here life is hectic. As passover approaches, my cleaning jobs have gone into high gear to get all done. Total cleaning inside and out of everything in the apartments. French class, ah yes. I thought I might slide by and not get "that call" from our professor but it came, and I started again for my 40 hours of lessons. So for the next 3 months, french. Our building has been having plumbing problems, so, they have been turning off the water for the past 6 working days, from 8 am to 5 pm. I just saw a sign coming in from class last night that it will continue through the 8th. I understand that everyone needs to be able to have hot water coming into their apartment, and if it were me I would have been screaming loudly, but it is SO inconvenient!! Lets see...what else? Oh, yes, I am the Managing Editor for the Women of the American Church in Paris publication, Bloom Where You're Planted. An almost full time project which runs until the middle of July. Michel has been so busy he has hardly had time to do anything, so the designing these last couple of months has fallen on my shoulders, and I have 2 kits I must get done this month. Beyond that, and normal everyday things...not much is going on!!

I will try and get some of our kits posted, want to put up a freebie SOON here on the blog for everyone, and, would like to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful February!!