Saturday, February 2, 2008

As the time flies by...

I realize I am behind again here. I am sorry..I had meant to post something before! I have new kits in the store, the grab bag was revealed, a new contest going on.... But in saying that I also did not get my Christmas cards out in the mail, nor my Happy New Year ones which were scheduled in place of the Christmas ones. Just this last Monday I finally took our tree was either that or figure out how to dust it.

Here life is hectic. As passover approaches, my cleaning jobs have gone into high gear to get all done. Total cleaning inside and out of everything in the apartments. French class, ah yes. I thought I might slide by and not get "that call" from our professor but it came, and I started again for my 40 hours of lessons. So for the next 3 months, french. Our building has been having plumbing problems, so, they have been turning off the water for the past 6 working days, from 8 am to 5 pm. I just saw a sign coming in from class last night that it will continue through the 8th. I understand that everyone needs to be able to have hot water coming into their apartment, and if it were me I would have been screaming loudly, but it is SO inconvenient!! Lets see...what else? Oh, yes, I am the Managing Editor for the Women of the American Church in Paris publication, Bloom Where You're Planted. An almost full time project which runs until the middle of July. Michel has been so busy he has hardly had time to do anything, so the designing these last couple of months has fallen on my shoulders, and I have 2 kits I must get done this month. Beyond that, and normal everyday things...not much is going on!!

I will try and get some of our kits posted, want to put up a freebie SOON here on the blog for everyone, and, would like to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful February!!

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