Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am so honored!!

If you get the chance, click on Lunyme Dezines in the Blog listing in the left column and check out her blog. So why am I honored by her blog?? She used our Paris Designs March Color Challenge kit to decorate her blog with!! Woooooo!!! And a great job it is! I was so surprised and honored when she asked, and I went to "peek" a couple of times but she had not gotten it done. Then this morning there was a PM and I got to see what she has gotten done. I am really "contente" (French lessons coming in here) to see her blog and know that someone like the kit so well they would use it for their blog!! Right now the kit is still in parts, the starter kit, and 2 bonus kits for posting for the challenge... but at the end of the month it will go into the store differently...I still have to come up with a name for it. I will show you what it looks like with the previews as they are now....

This is the starter kit, in the store. I will also say right now there are several special thank yous because this kit ended up being so large. I had a ball combining bits and pieces from designers commercial items for here.

A special thank you to Cindy Doerksen; Lisa Craig-Mullins of Primsey Doodle Designs; Faith True FabricFlowers; A special thank you for divabutterfly shapes, digidiva_cuborders by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs; karenheckyeah digital designs; "Bannerwoman Design's - Antique frame, SubscribersGrabBag_8 and _9";
Carolyn Brown, Nightwolf Designs; and
That covers all 3 parts of the kit. The rest was me!

Bonus kit 1 for posting 1 LO:

I wanted something that made me think spring, pastels, flowers, baby chicks, little bee's, bugs, soft pretty flowers....

Click on the preview if it does not blink to show you all for bonus 1 ..

And then when you post 3 LO's total I will send you this:

One thing led to another and I kept adding and adding and adding... then had the problem of trying to separate it all for the different parts of the bonus. I was quite pleased at how it all turned out, this was my first color challenge and was still feeling my way around on how it was done.

and bonus 2 previews...they should be blinking..

and...if you do 5 layouts can request a kit from our selection of kits, free.

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About Me said...

Hi Pat, It is Lori (DigiSrap28) from Deco Pages. I love your flowers in your easter kit. They are so soft. It looks like a really cool kit.