Friday, October 10, 2008

Now things get mixed up!

I am going to jump off digital for a bit and talk about Paris! I received a great little note on my blog from someone I actually met at Bloom on Monday and Tuesday. I went to her blog and read:
9 October 2008- No pictures this week. I was the volunteer photographer for an orientation program in Paris and need some time away from the camera. I worked a bit on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. Who would have thought it was so exhausting?
She is from Texas, but believe it was somewhere else before that...northeast I believe. You can find her blog on the listing on the left, Going to Paris and Beyond. I also spent both days at the same conference and came home totally wiped out. As I managed 1 photo there before my batteries went kaput, I am hoping I can get some digital copies from her. (How shameful for a digital person to have no back up batteries that work, guess 'she' forgot to recharge them!!) My new friend is right, these are supposed to be enjoyable days, but as much as I enjoy them, I am then behind 2 days with all of my regular 'duties' and my body and mind are still working on all of the info I took in and stair climbing I did at the church. It was a great conference! We welcomed between 85 and 100 new English speaking people (only qualification to come to Bloom Where You're Planted is you must speak English) into WOAC. They automatically become members once they do anything with our organization. This was also what I spent my spring working on, I was the managing editor for the Bloom Where You're Planted book, which I am proud to say came out great! The 38th edition was released on Monday for the orientation. I met lovely people and reconnected with others. I was able to set in on some very interesting presentations (being on the board of WOAC) and even after living here for more than 10 years, I am still learning about Paris, France and the culture.

I also need to get some pics on the blog, both here and the other organization I belong to, ACWO. We have a new member brunch happening there on the 16th and November begins the art fairs here. There is a note on the left about what we do and pics are coming! It will be a very busy time from now until just before Christmas. I will try and keep you posted on everything...from new kits and designing to the more personal things going on!

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