Sunday, May 17, 2009

The B's Have It! Or do they??

Good morning everyone! Spring, so they say, is here. Ha. Cold, windy, rain..rain..and more rain. I have not seen the sun more than a handful of times here in Paris...or blue sky. We actually added an additional blanket to the bed last night. That is more than we had all winter! Of course it does not help they have turned off the heat in our building. They say it is spring. We don't need it. Happens every year, normally in March, sometimes April, this year they waited until the first of May.
Yesterday it was 10°C here. And cold! Feels even colder today but I am not going to look, just tell myself it is not cold and put on socks and a sweater. But the reason I am going on about this? Of course there is a reason. Our CT, Nelleke put out a bunch of great pages for a kit we had done last spring, The B's Have It by Paris Designs. Thought it was a great time to re-look at it as, they tell us, it is Spring. Perfect kit for spring and summer pages. Filled with flowers, bee's, buttons, bows... here is a preview of the kit. Of course it can only be gotten at Deco-Pages! If you have not checked out that site before, you should now. Many new designers and kits in the store, new challenges, the gallery is hopping! Oh... yes. Preview of the kit! Not all is shown!
Some of Nelleke's great pages she made using the kit are:


Nel said...

thanks pat,you did it great,I love what you wrothe about me,loves from nelleke

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Hi you! Hope all is well at Deco. Sorry it took so long getting back with you, after leaving a comment on my blog. Thanks so much for thinking of me and adding me to your blog. Now... I'm off to add you, too!

Take care, U