Saturday, July 11, 2009

Awesome Blog Award

What a wonderful surprise! I was awarded the Awesome Blog Award from "The Best Digital Scrap Links" blog. What a spirit lifter that was! It is in my listing on the left under blogs...go and visit!

We are struggling to get everything done as we head out for 6 weeks to the US on Friday morning. It comes around so quickly every year...but it goes by like a blink of an eye when we are there. I have been working daily, it used to be 3 days a week, sometimes 4, but this week, if I work today, it will be 7 days in a row this week, 5 before that... and it just continues. Gotta pay the bills and eat! So we are both ready for a rest but the trip to get there is approx. 24 hours from door to door. Of course we don't sleep well in the plane.

But we are so excited to be going. Spend time with relatives and friends, go to Lake Michigan and play on the beach and in the water, have big family picnics, and shop at those stores I know I can find some clothes that fit me without having to try everything thing on! Can't forget food... eat some of those american foods I miss all year, taco bell, burger king, beer battered fried cod and of course a 'real american bar hamburg'. I get a fix of 1 time for each item while there except the last and that usually means 3-4 times. Lucky for us we can walk to the bar, we have 1 in our little town, and I get a cheese mushroom burger and a draft...Killians Red. Then walk home. No driving and drinking!! Not luxury food by any means, but a miss all the same.

Also put pizza in that above list. We get them here, but I have yet to get used to very little cheese, not the same pepperoni, hard to get onions and never pineapple... but for me, they put eggs or salmon or tuna on the pizza's. Oh my... not my idea of yummy pizza. I want none of those things on mine.

But!! In defense, when we are there we miss the wonderful supply of cheese, bread and wine we get here with such ease and lower cost. Every country has things that are wonderful and no matter where you go, you get great food, but also miss some of those 'back home' items. I will also miss the huge open air marche's we have here, just outside our apartment actually that come and bring fresh produce, meat, cheese, fish and assorted other items as jewelry, clothing, books, etc 3 days a week. Now I am thinking food and must really get moving for the day! Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Robbi and Mike said...

Wow, your trip sounds like it will be awesome. Hope you have a safe one and enjoy every day! Hugs and thank you for the goodie:)

Joan - paperlady said...

Hope you have a safe and fun trip to the States.

Vavie said...

hi! i gave you a tag on my blog! kiss

Aubrey's Mom said...


I have an award for you on my blog!
Check it out here!!