Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back in Paris

Well...that was fast! It feels like we barely left. It was 1 day short of being the coldest summer on record. That said, we hit the lake 3 times where we actually got into the water. Another time for a picnic. The roof got done! It was way over budget but then considering it had 6 layers on it (code is 3) probably dating back to close to when the house was built judging by the color and degree of decay. I did keep a small piece of each shingle for my scrapbook later. Under it was the oddest assortment of boards in sizes and shapes, you could see where there had been a fire near an old chimney (well, where it 'had been but was long since gone') and how the house was built in sections...the original, an add on, another add on. The thing saving the house with all of that incredible weight was the fact they built it using real 2x8's. Otherwise the house would never have withstood all of that weight. You could almost feel the house taking a huge sigh and saying thank you. The roofers found our very large nest of 'bats' which left due to all of the noise and open areas during the 3 weeks of work. We also plugged in a sonar to keep them out until cold weather hits. 3 weeks you think of work on the roof? It rained. And it rained...and rained some more. We lived under huge tarps and did have some rain damage, but nothing that a little paint can't fix later on.
Just about the time the house was completed and we were draining our savings account, the car developed a very large, bad problem and had to be towed away. The engine. Not sure what exactly... rod.... valve.... but they are suggesting a new engine or a different car. So we spent the last 10 days with no transportation. That was the biggest bummer of the summer. We are still debating what we will do with it. 1985 Nissan Sentra with only 145,000 miles. The body is in excellent shape due to the fact I rarely ever drove it in the winter. I think it saw 2 winters only when my mom had the car. Battery is good, tires, etc. So we are debating. As we are still only in the US for 6 weeks a year, I will not buy an expensive car, we want something that gets decent gas mileage, can haul a trailer or items and take another 2-3 people. Not fussy. Just need to find something. IF we decide not to replace the engine, the body I will try to sell to a private person as it is way too good to have it junked out. It was repainted on each side due to 'deer running into me' 2 different times, which also helps keep it in wonderful condition. :) Once I even got the deer for their effort in my freezer!! Sounds bad, but tasted wonderful....especially if you like good venison. Most of them in that area feed on the corn in farmers fields.
We did not get to see many friends this time. Between being super focused on the roof and then no transportation, that part did not work out well. We had a wonderful family reunion on my dad's side. Was nice to catch up with my brother and sister
along with all of the cousins and aunts and uncles. Brushed up on my euchre also. It happens every year the last weekend of July. Makes it easy to remember and we try and manage to be there for it. Spent time with my mom and brother, some friends of hers, Roger and Mack but missed Lois and Linda this year. Also got to see my daughter and granddaughter.
We went to a Pow was great. I had never seen one before. As drums are my favorite instrument to listen to, it was wonderful for me. Their 'singing' which at one time I thought was all basically the same, I was able to realize each 'song' is totally different but difficult to hear the difference if you don't understand the language. There were several tribes taking part and the outfits were amazing. The young men
make their own and before taking part in the celebration of their passage into manhood must have it done. One lady was telling me that the young man doing his dance and showing his outfit or attire (they do not call them costumes, costumes are something worn in plays or at Halloween) he had to kill the animal/bird the outfit was utilizing, prepare the items himself, as well as share the meat from the animal/bird with the community. The outfits can take years to complete. It was very interesting to hear all about it and see the incredible detail. The women also did their own outfits and there were dances with them showing their work and honoring them.
There were tents set up off to the side away from the area you see in the photos to be able to buy things. Things for tourists and souvenirs , food, and a couple of tents just for those needing items. Beads, bones, furs, herbs, it was very interesting to see the huge assortment available that I have never see anywhere else.
If you have never been to a Pow Wow, check on the net for your area during the summer and see if there is one near you that you can go and see. The one we went to was not one of the larger ones but was very interesting and well worth the trip!
Back home and unpacked (but not all put away) and trying to get our bodies back into Paris time. The trip back was uneventful although very hot in the plane. All was great at the apartment when we returned. Friends took care of our plants and getting our mail for us. Hubby returns to work Monday or Tuesday and I will take it a bit easier for the first week, getting our apartment freshened up and start getting ready for fall and craft fairs before Christmas.
We also went into the woods and took a ton of photos for new kits. I must get caught up at Deco and back to designing as well. I see a busy year ahead!