Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Breeze Part 3 by Paris Designs

1 of the 5 parts to this huge kit is now available. It was originally created in 2009 and has been rechecked and released for Flights of Fancy
Spring Breeze Part 3 was made with a variety of pinks, blues and creams... hints of buds, blue sky, the soft breeze of spring gently blowing through the trees that have yet to form leaves. This is part of a huge kit that I broke up into smaller kits and was made thinking happy thoughts, soft colors for spring, warm breezes, thundershowers, birds chirping and butterflies flitting around. We hope you think happy thoughts when making your beautiful pages using our kit!

There is a shadow on the 'brad back' giving it the illusion of not being flat.
There is a light shadow on the stitching for realism.

This kit includes:

16 backgrounds
28 misc. elements

See the individual previews for viewing all of the kit.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CU Items by Paris Designs Now In the Store!

The office supply bundle includes 10 different items. Paper clips, staples, file tabs, post it flags, post it notes, index cards, file tabs, push pins, eyelets and thumb tacks. The bundle can be gotten as a 'bundle', or, each item bought separately. Only need 1 thing? Only get one!  All are commercial use and can be found under 'designers-Paris Designs' only at Flights of Fancy 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Peppermint Love by Paris Designs

My goal has been at least 1 kit a week and I am pretty well (well almost) keeping up with that goal. It is not always easy, but fun when I can.  I did get a new kit done in time for Valentines Day because it will work great for that... as well as any romantic type need, spring... well you will see!


Peppermint Love by Paris Designs

I had so much fun doing this, I just kept going and going and going... until I realized I had more then enough for a super kit. Lace, chic, flowers, ribbons, bling and of course lets not forget the little cupid faery and a unicorn!  A kit which will let you dress up your pages or have fun with them, romantic or whimsical. Lots of choices with Peppermint Love by Paris Designs.  This kit can only be found at Flights of Fancy 

You will find a shadow on the straight pin and staple for realism. No other shadows have been applied. This kit takes 3 zips to download, was created at 300 DPI based on a 12x12 background.  All elements are png for ease of enlarging or reducing. Backgrounds are jpg. In this kit you will find:

16 backgrounds 12"x12"
60 elements consisting of:
Baby Breath sprig
Bead frame
Bird on ground, one flying
2 boots
Shear butterfly
Feather winged butterfly
Dragon fly
feather/flower ornament
Corner bow and ribbons
Day Lilies
7 different flowers
Swirly frame
Dangling beads
Hanging bling
Bow with ribbons
Puffy heart
Heart twigs
4 cupid faeries
Straight Pin
4 ladybugs
Grass clump
2 heart decorations
2 heart with felt buttons
Heart with wings
Lace with pearl strip
2 perfume bottles
1 lace photo mat
heart frame
scattered heart/bling border
2 lacy puffs with flowers
String of pearls
3 metal tags
1 double tag with ribbon
swirly acrylic decoration strip
1 unicorn
Wire photo heart
For special thank yous and credits, see TOU.

Remember, our kits are all going through quality control before they get into the store and are exclusive to Flights of Fancy 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ever After by Paris Designs

This was a kit that was originally done in 2007 and it is one of our most popular.  It has been reworked and a few items added, (2 frames, 4 mats) everything is clean and the quick pages redone. It is one of those soft kits that you could use for any event... weddings, births, Valentines Day are probably the most popular but people have used it for many more. For more element previews, see the kit in the store at Flights of Fancy under Paris Designs!!  
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Kit includes:
21 Background papers
15 shear bows:  5 bows each 3 styles
  4 lace buttons
 1 stitch for buttons
12 gems with gold
12 gems with silver
  1 single gem string
  1 gold heart
  1 lace strip/border
  1 lace with gems strip/border
  4 lace frames
  4 mats
  1-3 strand necklace of gems
  2 quick pages
  4 ribbons flowing
  4 ribbons straight
  1 ribbon bundle plain
  2 ribbon bundles with roses
  4 roses, 1 added stem
  3 tags with roses
  5 tags plain
  4 word art
  2 different frames, 1 with tag