Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Flowers by Paris Designs

 Happiness In Spring

May Flowers are a tradition here in France in May to give to wives, girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers. A light joyful feeling kit with colors of spring. Butterflies, flowers, ladybugs and other items to help you make a joyful page for your memory books!

Included in this kit are:
10 backgrounds
27 misc elements
There is a drop shadow on the ribbon frame element for realism.
2 zips for downloading

Now selling at 
Click on the preview at the top of this post to go to the store!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Old Soft Scented by Paris Designs Freebie!!

Running a bit late on the freebies, still have another to get caught up with. :) Just click on the preview to go to Mediafire for the freebie.

The kit itself can only be found at Flights of Fancy!

Peace and Love by Paris Designs

Peace and Love by Paris Designs.

We always hear about the Good Old Days... Woodstock, when I was young, back when I was a child and it continues. I did a little bit of combining some of today with the 60's, some young with some old, but kept some of the traditional as well when thinking about those old peace and love days. I kept most of the colors softer to make it easier to blend with those special photos.
14+1 backgrounds
42 elements
4 word art
All of this combine to make a kit you can use for todays pages or, take a trip back to another time. Make some 'groovy pages man'!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Old, Soft, Scented by Paris Designs

Crushed velvets, satins, ribbons, sachets, hearts and stick pins create the old fashioned feeling of lushness. A kit which will work for any type of kit, from heritage to an every day event. If you like soft lush items, Old, Soft, Scented by Paris Designs is the kit for you!

This kit contains 3 zips for downloading.
14 backgrounds
29 elements

All special thank yous are in the TOU.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Annies Easter Freebie by Paris Designs

I put together a small freebie for you, 1 BG and 4 elements. All coordinate with Annie's Easter.  You can download them at Mediafire by clicking on the preview below. Enjoy!  Happy Easter!
 The full kit can only be gotten at Flights of Fancy See further down for details of the kit. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Newsletter for April 2011, Vol 1, No 3 now available!

After much struggle this month, the newsletter is up and ready to download. Please register at the store and sign up for the NL so you can get it each month. It has some great tips and info for people who are interested in genealogy. 
 The preview is linked to the store. Free to download but you do have to register to get it.  

Click here if you want to just go to Mediafire this month.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Annie's Easter by Paris Designs

Annie's Easter by Paris Designs Exclusively at Flights of Fancy $3.50

Hip-pity hop-pity, don't you just love Easter and spring? When the first shoots of new life springs out of Mother Earth. This kit has all those soft pastel shades just waiting for a photos from you. Something soft, something gentle, let our kit help you create it. Beautiful soft flowers, petals brimming with gentle colors of pink, green, yellow/gold and lavender/blue. Wisp of butterflies, clusters, whimsical items for Easter... they're all here and much much more just waiting for your love to put some magic with them and create you're newest page.
Kit includes:
10 Backgrounds
  5 Tags
  1 Kite Butterfly Cluster
  4 Tag Ribbons
  4 Cloth Flowers
  7 butterflies
  1 Caterpillar Slide Frame Cluster
  1 Bunny Frame Clusters
  2 Bows with Pearl Buttons
  2 Separate Bunnies
  7 Annie Clusters
  1 string frame cluster
  2 Easter clusters
  2 trim borders, lace and egg
  6 arrows
  2 broken eggs
  Basket front and back
  Caterpillar in egg

Please note there is a slight glow on bug and bug2, and on the bugs in the clusters.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring In Paris QP Freebie by Paris Designs

Here is a QP I put together, using just a small amount of what is in the kit. It is a dreary day outside today so I went with more muted colors...sort of what I am seeing outside my window today!

Click on the preview to get the freebie from Mediafire!!

Spring in Paris by Paris Designs "Re-Release"

Spring in Paris by Paris Designs. PU Only.   $3.00 Only a small portion shown in above preview. 

Flowers and color everywhere. Lovers hands entwined, glasses raised in toast, petal soft shades to scrap your tender moments.
Available within this kit, flowers to accent, butterflies to dance, Paris nights to remember. It needn't be Paris, our kit will let you scrap those fond memories that flutter within your heart. Take our kit and put your memories to color, scrapping with the passion we've created for you within Spring in Paris. The kit was made using 12x12 and 300 dpi, jpg and png for ease of use and resizing.  Please see special thank yous in the TOU.

Shadows are on the bent photo frames with ribbons for realism. Shadows are on the small strings for the buttons to give the correct depth.
Shadows are on the stitches of the oval stitched frame for realism.
Shadows are on the small zig-zag stitch elements for realism.

The kit is 3 zips to download and includes:
27 BG's, 12x12
3 tags
1 12" lacing
4 smaller, long lacing w/fleur de lis
3 stitched oval frames
4 misc stitchings
14 different flowers/groupings with flowers
2 ribbons
13 misc embellishments (i.e. 2 statues, 2 clear paperweights with different items encased within, waiter, table/chairs, champaign/glasses, 3 different Eiffels, 2 different PARIS, a decorative bird, beveled and one not)
5 buttons
6 threads
4 doodles
10 butterfly's
8 bent frames w/ribbons

This is a re-release and has been QC'checked and updated.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy Day Fun Freebie Brag Book Pages by Paris Designs

I think I am getting back on track here with the freebies and kits.  I can't guarantee each week but at least a couple a month. :) For this kit I made 2 brag book pages. The kit gave me the brag book page feeling for those kids and grand kids who love to play in the rain! The kit can be found only at Flights of Fancy and is called Rainy Day Fun by Paris Designs. If you get a chance, go to the store and register and sign up for the newsletter so we can keep you up to date on all of the new items going in the store. 

Your freebie can be found by clicking on the preview below!  I hope you like them. 

Rainy Day Fun by Paris Designs

A new kit to share with you!!  

Rainy Day Fun by Paris Designs is a kit which can be used for not just photos taken on rainy days having fun, but for any day having fun! The main colors of this kit are yellows, with some blues, pinks and greens thrown in. There are flowers, bees and butterflies, umbrellas and boots, clouds and rain drops, puddles, a little figure, clip, bows, tags, stones-wet and dry, 10 backgrounds, a frog, snail, ladybugs, cat-tails, frames and little ones in rain coats having lots of fun playing in the rain and more! There is also an alpha done with little squares of wood which also spell out rainy day fun, rainy days, rain and raining as well as 2 strings to create your own words with the alpha. We hope you enjoy the kit!

3 zips to download. Special thank yous and crediting are on the TOU

All of our kits are exclusive to Flights of Fancy and have been quality checked and cleared!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Freebie for our new kit!

Here is a quick page freebie for you made with some of the pieces of our new kit, Fables and Folklore by Paris Designs, selling at Flights of Fancy 

Just click on the preview above! Enjoy!!