Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening. It all depends on where you are. I have decided until I get back into my designing that I will use this blog for what ever feels right on the day I have time to post. Today it is this post.

I found it this morning while looking for something to post on Smoothing. So many different people went flashing through my mind. Some are gone now, passed on. Some have just left my life almost as quickly as they entered it, but left a huge mark. Some remain. This post is SO true. What forms those connections? People I have met on line and never in person are as connected to me or more so than some I have known all my life. How is that chance crossing of energy arranged? Why do we loose touch and even trying to find old friends with zero success, we recross people that we knew and maybe forgot about, or, cross people that we never knew but feels like we have know each other all our lives. What creates that connection between 2 people --- with no notice of age, gender, race, origin??

As I get older and more and more of the people I have known most of my life pass on ahead of me I wonder if I will know their energy after I am gone. Will we be in the same place? So many questions. We will be coming up on a year soon since my brother has passed away. 4 years younger than I am. Age doesn't matter when it is your time. Feeling very melancholy about life with all that is happening around me. Trying to make life changing decisions and then deal with the fall out from them. It is not just me. My daughter also has been facing similar things, as are many friends around me. It is the time of many changes, much indecision, many people seem so lost.  Working on my page, Smoothing  Ragged Edges daily helps tremendously in keeping me focused on the positive. I will not say that I do it every minute of every day (stay positive), I wish I could, but it does help a lot to be getting constant input of positive things into the thought process.  

My work schedule seems to be in constant flux. I just think I will have a week that is less stressful and it falls apart quickly. Guess that is just the way it will be this month!  I guess I am supposed to learn flexibility!!  May your days be going well and this finds you happy, healthy and relaxed.