Thursday, June 9, 2016


Hope. Something we all have at least at times. Some have it all the time, some drop into depression and despair and feel hope has left them. It will come back. Be patient, have faith, dream and hope returns.

What does the dictionary say about it? To want or wish for with a feeling of confident expectation. A wish or desire accompanied by expectation of its fulfillment. Something wished. One that gives cause for hope. 

For me it is indeed those things, but also something deeper. Perhaps because it goes with faith for me. I tend to hope for things for others more than myself on a deeper level. For myself I have a faith that things will work out and all will end up as it is supposed to be. As I think about it I do find I use that word when expressing things about 'things'. I hope the weather cooperates. I hope the car runs ok... etc. 

That is one one level, but on a much deeper level it is just there, mixed with faith. I guess that is why they say those three words, hope and love. All a topic on their own. 
How do you look at hope? 

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