Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1st Halloween kit in the store and an extra paper pack :)

We finished it!! I managed to get it into the store yesterday! It is called Halloween Fun. We also did an extra paper pack...which will coordinate with both, yes, you read right, both Halloween kits. The next one to be released soon is Halloween Fright. I figured that way people who want fun kits can get the fun one, and others who want fright...get that one.

There is such a wide variation between people and what they like/don't like at Halloween. Halloween is one of those holidays that is very controversial, especially with a religious background. The biggest problem is the hype that goes with the holiday making it a must "I want to go trick or treating" by the kids...parties, events at school, neighborhoods have private things. It is everywhere, even here in France now!

How did I get off what I was saying? The kits! Ok...I will show you the .gif's of the Fun kit and the preview of the paper pack...but the Fright kit is still in the wings, literally, waiting to "fly" out!

Remember...we sell only at Deco-Pages.com!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A pleasant fall day

Was setting here sorting through e-mails, answering what needs to be answered, posting, downloading and drifting off to dream land. Yup! Worked all morning, ate a quick lunch and off to get groceries with my little cart. One of these days I will actually take a photo of it and post it. I have talked about it to friends often enough. Anyway, got home and promptly put away everything and sat down at the computer with a large bottle of cold water and away I went. Next thing I realize I had dozed off while waiting for the network to give me the pages I want, and looking out the window at the beautiful blue sky. Did not last long, unfortunately. Is hard to doze well when you have your head propped up on your hand. ;) Am feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed so to speak and will finish up what I started. What I was thinking about as I dazed into the sky was doing up a Halloween kit. We had talked about it before, decided no, not to bother this year, but now, think I will. Seeing all of the really adorable fall/pumpkin/Halloween themed layouts and kits around has put me into the mood. Guess that means no more day dreaming, dozing or even blogging...need to go to work! Have a wonderful fall day wherever you are!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Party Time!

Everyone loves a good party. In thinking about that, and knowing it was 1 year that Club Deco came into being and 2 years for Deco Pages.com. So, we decided it was birthday celebration time. The items could also be used for other parties and celebrations, such as showers, anniversary, going away....just leave off the candles!

Here is the description about this kit:

Its time to party!! Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, going away, having a baby, Paris Designs has the party kit for you. Bows, gifts, balloons, cake, candles, lots of fun, bright party colored paper and an invitation/journaling note you can make your own!

This kit includes:

35 background papers
9 bows
12 misc embellishments
6 word art
2 quick pages

218 MB

Only available at Deco-Pages.com!

August--Country Potpourri

"Check" it out!! Ohhh...sorry about the play on words. This was one of the most favorite kits so far. I love the country feel of this kit, and the picnic embellishments I am so thrilled with!! Again, Michel did a great job!! The bar-b-q has smoke! Hopefully you will have as much fun using this kit as we did making it. Below are the details:

Summertime! This is a time for picnics, family and friends. If you're like most of us you'll be snapping those photos left and right. With Paris Designs Country Affair those pics will fly from your camera to your pages.

Whatever you're looking for from picnic baskets to hot dogs or watermelon this kit is filled with elements to make your page jump. Color schemes abound fitting all your needs, from pinks, purples, blues, greens or beiges.

Included in the 96MB kit are:
28 backgrounds 12x12 300 DPI
2 Quick Pages
11 ribbons
57 assorted embellishments

Only available at Deco-Pages.com !!

July Kit

We did get a kit for July and August done before we left as well. Here is July's Journey Traveled. This one is perfect for any kind of trip you want to take, long or short.

Kit includes:
2 quick pages
65 misc embellishments
23 ribbons, straight and curled
24 back ground papers

This kit is 186MB
total, with old fashioned ads for places to eat, stamps for mats, curled and straight ribbons for accents along with signs, different modes of transportation...and the list goes on!! Michel did a wonderful job on elements in this one, (We tend to split up doing things in the different kits, this is a team after all!) water around the ship, clouds around the airplane and balloon, not to mention smoke coming out of the train smoke stack. I could go on but you can see for your self. This kit can only be found at Deco Pages. Each of the countries seen on the European map are made separate as well as the complete map...in case you happened to live outside of the US or gone on vacation somewhere in that general direction.

Has it been more than 3 months?

It is so hard to believe that so much time has passed. Well, we did spend 6 weeks in Michigan, with many days resting in the sun, soaking up those rays on our tired bodies. During that time I don't think I spent more than a few hours on the computer. It was in the hot upstairs, and when I was not busy, running or doing something I needed to do, I was in the glider, reading a book. That's right, with a cold drink or hot coffee, depending on the time of the day. That was my "hiding spot" to relax and refresh. Normally, trying to read a book means a page when I get into bed, if I manage to stay awake long enough for a full page.

We visited family, friends, worked on the house and deck. Did not get everything done we wanted, but we never do. Had a nice time though!!

What did we do before we left? We got everything ready we could...and did get a couple of kits done. We had a ball with this kit...it was just bright and fun to do, complete with an empty bathing suit, laying ??? Where ever you want to put it... ;) HERE is the link for this kit! It is on sale right now for $4.00. What does it have in it? Here is the description and the contents of the kit...I will let you read for yourself.

This fun filled kit will supply all your summer scrapping needs, from quirky Quick Pages, to kites flying in the wind. It has everything you could wish for on a summer's day. Fill up that glass, kick off those shoes and grab Paris Designs newest kit - Sun Kissed to make your day complete. Kit includes:
24 patterned papers
6 plain papers with texture
9 arrows/signs
12 brads
6 drink glasses
7 overlays
3 quick pages
8 straight ribbons 17 inches long
9 curled ribbons, 12 inches long
8 staples
9 drink stirrers
3 kite and 3 butterfly tags
30 other assorted embellishments

Total 178 MB/139 items