Thursday, April 20, 2017

I have always loved the smell of rain, the sound of thunder, the pitter patter of the drops hitting. BUT on a cold day (44F) there is not a lot to like I think. It is cold and damp. I am cold. I keep adding clothes and can't seem to get warm. 

I had planned to go out today and do some errands. Try and get a new SIM card for my phone and see if we can get it working. Go to the yarn shop and feast my eyes on all of the colors and textures... while looking for something that will go with the wools I have for weaving. Stop and pick up some onion sets for the garden. Instead I am just trying to get warm and want to stay home. 

I am sure it is my attitude. It changed last night when I got into the old phone of hubby's and found some unpleasant reminders of life before. When someone dies they don't think about what will be left behind for those who love them to find. Separate lives for one. No passwords for two. In this day and age of technology passwords are needed. Those who love me know where to find mine to take care of every day accounts, etc. Phones, computers, Ipads, everything that needs a password. I have managed to now erase everything in both the ipad and phone. The computer guy did that for me with the computer, to the point he got rid of things I wanted. :( But, it worked after. I am hoping that for the phone. It is older, still smart I guess...will find that out when I get out and go somewhere for a card and see if it is locked or we can unlock it. I also need to see about a better attitude for today and forward. Coffee. I will start with a nice warm fresh cup of coffee and go from there. Have a great day. May your attitude be better than mine is today! ;) 

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