Saturday, April 15, 2017

Reality often sucks. What a way to start the post, but it often does. I look at commercials, magazines, Facebook, it seems all have it together for the dress up for Easter morning, family dinner, house is clean, eggs are colored... Me? None of the above. Often I have enough problems figuring out what to make for a regular lunch and then dinner without it being a special one. I will get to church, I hope, but beyond that, zilch. Life got complicated when mom got dementia and moved in. Then another step down when she broke her leg and doesn't get around well at all. We will skip the incontinence problems.

Last year, the end of  February I had to put my little dog down. March 18 mom fell and broke her leg. We now have more help with her, but that means more people in and out while I am trying to get other things done. This year, her little dog died this month on the 10th. Then the next day she fell. Luckily for all of us she was okay. I had horrible flash backs to last year and feeling like it was happening all over again. This year she can't get into the van. I can't get 2 wheelchairs into the car. (SIGH.) Thought how wonderful it would be not to worry about cooking a special dinner for the day. I have already realized no candy, no cards, no colored eggs. Easter just missed me this year with the exception of meatless/fasting Fridays which should have clued me in that it was coming. It didn't.

Overdid working in the garden and pulling things out of the basement. Hurt the back again. Was in to the chiropractor 2 days in a row last week. I really think I have gotten old without realizing it. Body does not cooperate with speed or stamina. Age has always been a number for me. I think it is sinking that number means getting old.

I NEED that fairy godmother. Zap, clean house. Zap, garden/yard is cleaned and going. Zap, special dinner. Zap, massage for the aching back. So, yes, right now reality sucks. That all said, I hope you have a Happy Easter. Eat some chocolate for me, I forgot to buy any. Zap.

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