Monday, November 5, 2007

The Marche de Noel

Or, the American Church/WOAC Art and Craft Fair. It is amazing how many of the french do not understand the concept of a craft fair. They use the same word but differently so then of course it became an exposition...but that did not work. LOL, too many "other" things fall under that word heading. So this year, it got an official name change. Marché de Nöel. That actually lets the other population here that are not English speaking know what is going on. Here are some photos of when we were at the German School fair, but it does show our items even if they are a bit crowded on just one table. I even have added some new items this year, and must get some printing done for his cards....At least a multiple pack. Time...time...need time...

The grab bag

I suppose I should put it on. Oh, we also have another kit ready to go into the store. It is called An Art Nouveau Surprise. I will get to that in another post... Our weekend went by in a total blur. I spent most of it working on the art fair I am coordinating for the American Church in Paris. We are trying something new this year, and putting it on the web with vendors listed with what they sell and photos, we will have a hand out at the door with a complete list and telling where the rooms, and different things are found. The hardest part is getting the word out! If you are interested, you can see it by "clicking here".
Too bad most of you don't live around here, you could come and shop and have fun!

November already!

It is foggy out today. It has been cold, damp and blah for a bit now. I am Halloween decorations are still not up, some are not done, so guess I will just move on and try and get them done for next year and be early for a change. We did get the 2nd kit done and in the store on the 1st of the month!! Want to see? Between the two of us we had fun with this one. Michel's bat wings and ghost are translucent, he has multicolored hairs on his spider and a "lacy" web rather than a regular old one. He even created a brush for me for the barbed wire which was fun! His idea of a haunted house is not exactly mine, but his is at least very colorful. I had the most fun with the papers. Rich, bright and some multicolored with lots of depth, design and some even look very dimensional. I find I have the most fun creating papers for some reason, which works out well because he enjoys the elements. We combine on some of the odds and ends. I also managed a grab bag at the beginning of the month which has not been "opened" yet, first one. We will change them with what we put in and how we do it with each one, but they seem to be fun! I also did one layout of my grand daughter using the fright kit... hmmm did I keep a small enough copy to put here? Must go and check! Ok..found it! Of course when I showed dh the LO, his first comment was... you distorted the ghost. I said is reaching for her hat. It was on purpose and fun. (Deep sigh) Sure seems difficult some times.