Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seems I missed the contest also!

Talk about being behind! I thought I was doing well, finishing up the book for the organization I volunteer at, getting us packed and ready for vacation...and then suddenly it is time to return from that same vacation and I realized I did nothing with the blog. Or much else in the design area or anywhere else for that matter. We did a total "recoup" on ourselves this vacation. We rested, visited with family some, a few friends who stopped over and worked on the yard. Nothing else. Although the yard is large. I did not even get on the computer for 17 days and when I did it was to respond to emails. So, the next part of the contest did not happen. Sorry!! I am hoping to get it up and going again during this month, as well as play catch up in our designing, get some things in the store.
Right now we are still dealing with jet lag. Getting up in the morning is almost impossible, but at night, when we should be going to bed, we are still awake. The first few days it was 3 in the morning and we were getting sleepy, but it is better midnight we are going to sleep if we are lucky. The early mornings still feel like the middle of the night though. Most of the putting away from the luggage that was unpacked and "piled" here and there is done. I think I am just getting down to craft items that seem to build rather than disappear.
So, if you have been watching and waiting, don't give up. I have discovered I am way over-committed and not sure what I am going to do about it yet, but know that I do not physically and mentally have enough energy to keep going at the pace we were at before. Nor do I want to. Too many things I enjoy are getting put on the back burner for when "I find time" and I have been watching the fact the time has just flown by, wondering where it went and not much memory of doing anything. I will try and keep you all posted on what I actually change. For now I need to get groceries so we can eat and get things moving on the Church Christmas Fair!