Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Watercolors (Aquarelle) now up as well as a Merry Christmas!

I have finally gotten several of hubby's watercolors up (aquarelle in french) and I am content. I have many more to go. Just click on the left column for TurtlesRainbowGold and you can see what he has done. We also have note cards we sell for all of those paintings as well as many more I have not gotton on yet. Ok, I am slow? No, just really really busy. I still want to come up with a gift for everyone for their digi-scrapping, but it will be late...but coming! Keep your eyes open!

As it is now 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, dinner is calling, we just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! May your Christmas be a time of joy for you and your family. Even if it just means being together with those you love, appreciate what you have!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full of Emotion!

Now in the store is our kit "Full of Emotion". Below is just a small example of what is in the kit.

We have had some great layouts made with it also!

For seeing all of the detailed images, they can be found by clicking here to see the kit Full of Emotions where we sell exclusively at

Here is the description:
Paris Designs Full of Emotion

Feeling sad, disappointed, frazzled? Got the grungies in this kit for you! How about Happy, peaceful, calm? There are flowers, hearts, cheery backgrounds for you to play with and enjoy. This was a combo kit on emotions, with lots of different frames, ribbons, laces both straight and curled, journaling books and papers along with little elements and doodles to help you make that page full of emotions for your memory book!

This kit was made based on a 12x12 page, using 300 DPI for the backgrounds and elements for ease of manipulation. Cut the papers or use as they are, make your elements larger or smaller, play, enjoy and relax!

Kit includes:
13 grungy backgrounds different colors/different grunge!
13 bright and cheery backgrounds, different colors/different feelings
2 - 12x12 quick pages
2 - 8 1/2 x 11 quick pages
5 feelings (words)
21 misc elements
7 curled lace
13 straight (12") lace strips
6 curled ribbons
13 straight (12") grungy ribbons
3 full page framing combinations
4 doodles
6 flower cluster round frames
7 matts for journaling or interiors for round frames
7 small flower clusters
3 folded frames
1 angel frame
5 grungy star frames
5 grungy circle frames
10 journaling notebooks (2 styles)

This kit, as are all of our kits and items, allowed to be used for Scrap4Hire!
We would love to see your creations using our items. Don't hesitate to contact us with comments or you have questions.
Special thank you to:
Royanna Fritschmann
Gunhild Storeide
Josephine Carson
Cindy Doerksen
Thaty Borges Designs
Obsidian Dawn (Brushes)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our new blue tree

As I am working on our blogs anyway, thought I would let you see our new decoration at our Place! (I managed to get a painting of Michels on our other blog!! YEAH!! Finally!)

I came home late one afternoon to see this silver, metal tree setting at our "courtyard" here at Place des Fetes. We already had 3 or 4 cut trees the Mairie had put here, with bows to make it look more festive. But this was different. Of course, I did not have my camera so I thought to myself, it is just a silver looking metal tree, with lights, later. Came home, and later that day (of course it was after dark already by 5 pm) I went to get bread. Again, forgot the camera. I rounded the corner only to see this beautiful blue tree...glowing in the courtyard.

Of course, I bought the bread, took it home and then came back down with the camera in hand. I was not alone by then, there were people around taking photos with their cameras, cell phones, on the phone talking to someone saying come and bring a camera, there was a couple asking someone to take a photo of them in front of the I waited my turn and took some photos. I have yet to get a photo of that rather plain looking silver metal tree in the daylight, but, could not resist making the extra trip to get a photo of this!

Just in the store at Deco-Pages!

Heritage Blessings. This is not just a thanksgiving or a heritage kit, for me Heritage Blessings is about different things that remind me of my great grandparents. Shapes, patterns, items and even the color combinations…all things that invoke memories of the heritage in our family. Things that were old, used, well loved. My hope this kit will allow you to make pages of the heritage of your family and special loved ones that you can pass on to future generations. Here is a preview of it!

We have also had some wonderful pages made from the is just a sampling of 3 of them...

Where can you find it? At Deco-Pages of course. To go to the Heritage Blessings kit by Paris Designs at click on this line!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

YES!! Life slows down!!

For all of you who do not understand this is because my life revolves around work and craft fairs this time of year. Today we did the final one for this year. It is difficult, time consuming and in all honesty, with the economy the way it is, not necessarily worth the effort. But, in saying that, I have stock that I continue to build each year and that needs to go somehow! So, we do 4 shows a year only and call it good (ok, this old body can't do much more than 4 this time of year!!). Today was the last day. I can now go back to designing and, of course, working on my "stock" in free time.

This last weekend we entertained 7 extra people in our tiny apartment. I am sure that when they all came in they wondered where they were going to eat...but with furniture in the hallway outside the apartment and everything possible out of the way, we pulled the table out to seat them all and have an American Thanksgiving dinner. Not everyone "appreciated" the dinner...being French, eating an American dinner is not necessarily high on their list, but all left here not able to eat a single morsel more!!

My goal, getting back to the actual subject, is to also start getting photos of hubbies originals that I have framed and get them on this site as well. I would love to sell some of them! I love them and it is hard to part with them, but, we need a roof on the house in Michigan so that is where every cent will go. In the coming weeks I will be taking photos and getting them put up in the side bar... I hate to have them go as I love each and every painting he has done, but, the roof is more important! I will also be offering some freebies, both CU and regular... for me (the CU ones) but I will do this!!

Thank you all for being such patient and faithful followers. Keep your eyes open and watch for what comes next!