Sunday, March 8, 2009

Color Challenge at Deco and other challenges!!

This month I took it over... and it was late due to a series of errors... but the good news is, if you want to earn a huge kit, and get some other freebies along the way, take part in the Color Challenge at!

Here is the preview of the starter kit:This is the starter kit for the color challenge. If you are a Club-Deco member you get it for free, otherwise it is 1.99 at the store. There are also a color chart and numbers if you would prefer to create your own kit and give it away?? Your first layout you post and/or kit you make and give away to the members at Deco-Pages entitles you to the Part 2 prize:

And then... if you make 2 more layouts, you can receive this part free!
But wait... I am not done!! I also have been covering for a great friend and designer who has been running the Font Challenge. She has moved and has had, and still having a huge problem getting the I went ahead and made extra parts and put them up for prizes in the February Font challenge, (which is still open until March 31, 2009--midnight EST) and the March Font challenge.All of these kits will be put in the store after March if you want them have to do the challenges!! I hope you come and join us...would love to have you as part of the "family" at!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have been tagged!! EEK!

Ice Pricess Scrapz got me... (don't worry Helen...there is a payback waiting somewhere!! )

I normally avoid these things at all costs...must be the left over meds still surging through my certainly isn't a healthy mind in this body that says yes!!

6th folder, 6th photo? I guess I was lucky because the folder on either side had some really ugly photos!! ROFL.
This was dh's folder from his camera. He got a new camera and spent the summer vacation in Michigan setting on the back deck with a cold beer and snapping photos of birds, squirrels, anything that moved. Early morning it was hot coffee and camera... We got lucky with this one!
#6 photo, #6 folder.

Now I have to go tag people...

Here they are
Cinna's Scraps :
Benilda's Scraps:
Mrs. Miles:
Aubrey's Mom: