Friday, January 29, 2010

Bliss -- Feeling Happy by Paris Designs

The Starving Artists Store Train which will open on Feb 1 is going to be great!! Lots of wonderful kits, all with the same color scheme... wow!!  Here is our preview:


This is a regular size kit... and will be in the store, February 1 for $3.00!!  We are exclusive to  Here is the link to our store to save you time!!  LINK

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Now I Understand!

:) Now I can see why I have managed to get caught up in other areas...I am totally behind in the blog (and not just this one!!) I am working on a kit...well several actually... but specifically for the Starving Artist Store train that will be coming out Feb 1. Keep your eyes open for it coming up!
I also actually managed to do 2-3 pages for different kits of ours. Want to see?

The above page was taken this Spring when my daughter and granddaughter were here visiting. We had a ball and walked our legs off!! We were up ON the Eiffel Tower in this photo, and actually had wonderful weather to be able to see all around Paris from there.

This page is when we went to Disneyland Paris. It was our birthday gifts to the two of them by taking them there. We even spent the night. DH and I had a blast as well. It is always nice to become a child again! We had a wonderful time seeing things with more time to do what we wanted.

The kit I used is Candid Camera. At this moment it is still only available to Club Deco members, but will be in the store in a month or so. If you are interested, you can find info at for joining the club and getting all of the kits each month for just the price of the club membership!!

This is Moka, the newest member of our family. He is a Yorkipoo so is full grown at 5kg. Perfect to snuggle with or having on your lap. The kit is "It's a Jungle Out There Add On", now in the store for just $2,50 along with the regular "It's A Jungle Out There" kit for $4.50. Both can be found only at, here in our section!!

But wait... we are having a sale! Now through Jan 31, 2010 we are having a 75% off sale anything/everything in our section (Paris Designs). The code is ParDes75 in case

you are having a problem reading it on the coupon above. Have a great day!!