Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turtles Rainbow Gold Blog updated!

I finally put in the cards I do as well... and updated the blog yesterday.   You can go see it here... or click on the posting in the left column, just slightly down talking about Turtles Rainbow Gold. :)

I create some of the cards, and the rest are made from hubby's watercolor paintings. You have to visit all of the pages to see all of the paintings as I only posted the cards that there were no paintings posted for. We do a few craft fairs each fall and some of the cards are always available. We also have wine bottle gift bags, cloth bags for everyday use, doggie scarves and an assortment of other hand-made gift items!  As I begin them this fall I will get photos and get them on the TRG Blog. :)

I do know I over-did yesterday with the unpacking as the ankle is giving me fits today. That will teach me! Ha! I will try and give it some rest by doing some crafting setting down with my leg propped up today. The time is flying by (as normal it seems) and my long list of things I need to get done doesn't seem to be getting any shorter. It actually is getting longer as I do more things. Each item I get done leads me to two or three more that needs done. Makes me think I am looking at my to do list the wrong way!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


How was your summer??

After a nice long, restful vacation we are back in Paris. Unfortunately that vacation included my daughter/granddaughter moving to NC and a trip to the ER for me with torn ligaments in my ankle, but other than that, was restful. Actually the first vacation we have taken in years where we did not have a list of "to do" items. Was hard to leave this year and even with almost 5 weeks of doing nothing, we were still not ready to return to the hustle and bustle of Paris life and work. The time flew while we were there. We did manage to see a few old friends and share a/some meals with friends and family. We only got to the lake once, very rare for us to not be there almost daily.

The next step will be to actually unpack all of the suitcases, including the one that got forgotten when we left (LOL!! :) ), do some cleaning and then start getting ready for craft fairs in a couple of months. The time passes so quickly. I also need to get designing again. Seems like forever that I have not done that. My e-mails have piled up to the point that it will take weeks to get through everything and no clue what I have missed. I don't have to worry about finding things to do for a while do I?  

We did find out (update on old events) that we blew the head gasket on the 1985 Nissan between the 1 and 2 valves. :( So we now own a 1994 (newer but not new) Honda. It actually turned out cheaper to buy that than get the Nissan fixed, but miss that car. It was always so dependable and great on gas mileage. I have it for sale on Craig's list, someone who can fix cars themselves could end up with a great little car if they replace the head/gasket/bolts.... and it does need an exhaust system also. Part of me wants to spend the money to get it fixed, the other part tells me we have a car that runs and as we only need a running car for 5 weeks a year, that it is senseless to get the old one fixed. If we were there full time (and we will be after he retires), that would be different. The car has been in the family since it was new, first my mom had it and I bought it from her and have had it for at least 18 years...the last 12 with it only being run during the vacation in the summer. Hence, the body is in great shape especially as it was 'run into' by a deer 2 different times, once on each side, so the paint job is in great shape for a Michigan car, with minimal rusting. 

It was nice to come back to our own  little apartment, but miss the space and clean air of Northern Michigan.  The ankle is doing better, I am able to actually walk on it (very carefully) but am limping and by evening it is swelled. Guess that is where the ankle wrapping and braces help. Must get to all of that unpacking and trying to find room for what we did bring back!  

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming kits that will hit the store and a freebie or two!!