Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope this finds you in good health, happy/content and have had a nice Christmas. If you are one who does not celebrate it, but celebrates another holiday, I hope it was wonderful as well. Here is our tree this year. Of course, after I got it all done, I found another box of things for Christmas... need to get it all together so next year I find it all at the same time.

For those of you who are on FB, we also have a page for Flights of Fancy Digi-Scrap on facebook.  That is a place I spend time at, but I get really tired of them making changes constantly.  Hubby plays cafeworld..and complains constantly about it. I tell him if you are going to complain, stop playing. LOL!!

Lauri and Shaina are heading to Lansing today, mom is spending the day between church and different friends and Michel and I are just vegging here at home, chatting with friends and munching, watching tv. Nothing special really and nothing elaborate. We enjoy our days of just doing what we want.

I tried to get cards out to most of our friends (via net). I will have to actually break down and do some by hand, but they will be the New Year cards in the french tradition. Too late for Christmas now.  Again, a very Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Sun is shining. Good start. No snow here... and almost decent temps. :) Off work for a week.  Smile gets bigger.

I know I must get back into designing, back into Flights of Fancy Digi-Scrap.  Instead I sit and stare at the computer screen when not working.

Christmas is such a wonderful day for family and friends to get together and share special moments. Lauri and Shaina have made it home from North Carolina and will pick mom up and take her with them for the night, and she will spend Christmas with them there. That will be wonderful for her as it will be the first Christmas with my brother gone. It was his favorite holiday. Of course since it seemed like he was always a little boy at heart, it meant presents. But he liked giving as well as receiving.

At least this year I did get the tree up. Michel and I got kindles for each other as our presents. I really love books... real books. I always have one going and a pile waiting to read. But, I don't always have glasses handy. One great feature is that you can make the font larger!! No, I won't give up my 'real' books, but I will use the kindle. Even if I read the book on the kindle, there are some that will be bought to add to my series that is started.

I am also hoping to get all my cards sent out from Jacquie Lawson.  I love those cards and I know when the people get them and open them. I do need to get a few out in normal mail, but, those will be Happy New Year cards as with the French tradition, and I have until January 27??th I think... might manage that.

I know, odd post this morning, bit disjointed. A bit like my thinking I guess.  But, I did want to wish everyone out there a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  If you don't do Christmas, may what ever you do celebrate be a wonderful and memorable also!!  Happy/Merry all to all of my internet friends!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on life in general

Here I am. Looking at the fact that 5 months have gone by without word from me. It feels like part of a life time in some ways. Biggest reason was in October I ended up going back to the US for most of the month. My brother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. That seems to change how you look at life, at least until it feels like life gets back to normal. Still waiting for that. I will try and get on more often at any rate and get back into the old groove a little bit.