Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life is like a bowl of cherries.  But those pits!!  My goal has been to stay positive. I was thinking I could do it, close to 100%. Ok... now that I have gotten realistic, the goal is 50-75%.

I am setting here, the sun must be up there behind all of those grey, dreary clouds dropping wet stuff... and it is cold. Leg warmers came out, double shirts, heavier jeans. The heat doesn't come on until I think in October. I know it goes off normally in the spring... and after it always gets cold again. But once off or on, it stays that way until the next switch is turned.

How much of life is like that for us? We do what we are doing until we are aware we must make the switch. Routines seem to make the hours/days/months go by and suddenly something changes the routine, another switch is activated. Another routine. But have you noticed that the switch can either make us realize we are in a rut and we take the time to stop and look around us with joy, or, irritate us because our routine has been broken.

Here in France a lot of emphasis is put on food. We see notices about the current foods that are in season and recipes to make good use of them. Decorating the table for the meals. Emphasis on family time at meals. A dinner with friends in the evening is never less than 2 hours. You can spend that much time easily at a lunch  out and at the end of the meal, no one is pushing a bill at you to pay and leave. They wait for you to say, "l'addition SVP".  You could set there until they close and they are not aggravated. Meal time is the time you don't just shovel it in and leave the table. You talk, eat in courses, savor what you are eating and enjoy those around you. Things are produced so when you serve them, they are not only very tasty, but pretty. You can buy little bundles of green beans wrapped, ready to cook and serve...tied together. Tasty, pretty. Lovely little bite size items for appetizers. Bites of cheese with toppings, colorful and varied crips and nuts. Sliced assorted sausage trays, small containers of olives stuffed with different things. That is just to start the meal... food is meant to be enjoyed both visually and on the tongue. Small, wonderfully rich flavorful portions of great food, satisfying... delicious.  Speaking of food,  I will go and get a 2nd cup of coffee, break off another chunk of that still warm baguette from the bakery I picked up this morning fresh from their ovens and watch the grey clouds slide by, continuing to spit rain at us and relax. Have a great day everyone!

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