Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ohhhh... first week back at work. It is really hard to go back after 2 months off. It will be a while before the muscles decide they are in agreement with all this.

I have been actually looking at other scrap stores, trying to get my motivation back while spending lots of time at the sewing machine getting ready for the craft fairs in November. Motivation is a really difficult thing to get back when it is gone. At least for me. The motivation for me is the challenge to see if I can actually do it. Once I figure out I can, it looses something. I guess I need to push myself. I used to do the same thing at work also. Trouble is I don't know for sure which area I want to push myself next.

It may be 11:30 a.m. here but I am still at least half asleep. It feels that way anyway. Just dull today. Sun is shining, sky is a clear beautiful blue with the exception of the jets taking off and landing at Charles de Gaul airport leaving their trails across the sky. You don't hear anything, but I can seem them descending and climbing. Soon it will look like a tic tac toe board!

I promised myself I would try and blog regularly... makes it really hard when nothing exciting happens to blog about. The page, Smoothing Ragged Edges hit a new milestone, 1,500 likes. Next one is at 1,750. I hope it is doing those that need it some good. I really need another admin to help me. I have a handful set up, but one disappeared, one is busy, one is hubby and he is just on there to help when I can't get on to do anything... and one is around but doesn't do much. I seem to be the only one I have put on that (LOL) actually cares about the page. Maybe it is time to make changes. I made several others this morning. Went through and deleted 30+ people off my list. Blocked a couple. Deleted some applications. Moving forward in changes as I see they need to be made.  I preach that in a way on Smoothing. Do things you need to do. I realize it is very hard to do, so I pushed myself to actually do some I had been thinking about. It was difficult, but, in the long run will give me more time for other things. Slowly other app's will go... more sorting and cleaning in the house. It is like trying to clear your head when you clear around you. A healing process.  If you have not checked out smoothing, you should. Smoothing Ragged Edges  If it is not something you need, maybe you have a friend who does? Either way, it is just a positive page to check out. Have a great weekend. "I will be back!"

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