Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Problems and attitudes

I understand this on one side, on the other no. The problem is the problem, which is, professional people 'not following through'. I live in a small town. There are limited people (who are good) who do plumbing, landscaping, carpentry, etc. 

I am going to vent a bit here. Mom is in a nursing home and will be coming home hopefully end of the month. The first step in what we have to change is having a plumber come and work in the shower area. Today is the third?? day at least I have been waiting for him to show, no call, no show. Great guy, very good, and I know he is busy, but I have things I need to get done also. I can't do them if I am setting in the house waiting for a phone call/him to show up. I have reworked my schedule many times and my frustration level with 'professionals' who you hire to do a job 'tend to blow you off'. At least that is what it feels like. What happened to the common courtesy of a phone call saying "I will be late, I can't get there today, etc."? I try to have a good attitude about this, but more and more I am running into this 'problem' and wonder if it is just the old ways of keeping the customer happy and common courtesy have gone by the wayside. 

When I lived in France I ran into this 'problem' all of the time and people would say, welcome to France, because it is typical there. I am hearing now that they are trying to promote the attitude of customer satisfaction now, because of the amount of business turnover and unhappy customers there are.  

Is this something you are experiencing in your area? Should I be changing my attitude to accept this? Personally I don't think so, but times do change. Perhaps loss of follow-through, common courtesy and respect for other's time is something that has changed. Not for the better obviously. 

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