Saturday, April 30, 2016


The age of the computer has made things easy... unless that is you are using a program that does not have auto correct. That in itself brings its own hosts of problems, auto correct. The other problem I have is trying to look up the word I can't spell. Hmmmm. How do you find the word in the dictionary when you are not spelling it correctly?  I especially had that problem when working in the medical world. Medical terminology never is spelled like it sounds. Of course to spell things like they sound you must pronounce them correctly. 
I have gotten rid of most of the dictionaries, figure most of the time the computer will tell me, or, I can go to Google and type in something close. Then it asks..."Did you mean....." and I know I have found my word. I burst out laughing at the above post though... and thought of all the times I have done just that. 

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