Friday, August 31, 2012

Setting here, feeling the sunshine on my face, listening to the cleaners clean around the "place" after the market and relaxing. Next week is back to work as normal and honestly I am not looking forward to it. I have enjoyed this last 8 weeks of not working, although the budget is not enjoying it. :)  I have been concentrating on craft fairs that will come in November. Normally I am way behind but this year I am hoping to just keep going until things are done and then I can relax. All 3 will be the same week I believe, American Church, American Embassy and ACWO.

I started a new page on Facebook, called Smoothing Ragged Edges. It is for survivors of abuse, neglect and any one else that wants positive feedback in their lives to read. Smoothing Ragged Edges  You can click the link and go take a look. I have been connecting with many other great pages who are trying to stop self abuse, help others, spread good words. It is awesome to know what is out there but trying to get it to those who need it is the thing. There are so many people who feel they are alone and hurting from past hurts.

Designing. Well, so far my heart is not back into it. Maybe it will be when I am not busy trying to get things done for the craft fairs. That is priority right now. Then I will have to relook at what has happened out there in digi-scrap world and see which direction I want to head in. I was not overly content with any I had been dabbling in, pastels, bright/intense, grunge. I personally want a NICE looking page when I get done putting one together, with maybe some cute items, nature items, old antique items. Depends on what I am doing with my photos so if I go with what I want, I need to go across the board and not try and specialize in holidays, colors, styles. What ever suites me at the time I guess.

This is just a note to let everyone know I have not forgotten I said I would continue to blog. Need to set aside a  day each week and make sure I come and do it. I know daily will be asking too much of me. Oh, also, I am helping admin on another page, Out of Character. It is a page that is for posting those photos/jokes/cartoons you may not want to put on your own wall.  It is sometimes over the line but we try and be funny. Its all just to help people laugh and let off steam. Link to that one?  Out of Character  I am PIP. I hope to see some of you there either at one or the other (or both!!) Have a great weekend and enjoy each moment, it will never come again!

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