Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hard winter....and almost as hard a spring!

Hello!  I can't believe my last post here was not as long ago as I thought!  It seems like such a long time ago somehow. Just a note to let you know what has been happening. I suffer from SADD.  Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder. Unfortunately, this winter we did not have much sunshine at all. I was even out every day walking our little dog, and, no help to be found. Just got very wet and cold. :) Winter moved into spring, still overcast, wet, cold... and today, it is still that way. Well, cool, not cold. But raining, overcast...dreary. We will hope that things go uphill from here and I actually start designing and writing again. Keep your fingers crossed!  Between some meds to help get me back on course and supposedly we are having better weather, things should look up.

That said, we are still waiting to get our tickets to go to the states this summer but nothing has officially happened yet. The dog has his computer chip and we still have not gotten our tickets. Well. Soon. Hopefully. Off to do some paperwork before actually pulling up Photoshop and maybe working on a kit! Wheeeeee!

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